The Young & The Restless

The hottest fresh faces are front and center for V. Katie Fogarty, Suzie Bird, Evelina Mambetova & Darya Kurovska bring their innate cool to Josh Olins’ appropriately titled ‘Young Guns’ story. Displaying the latest wares from youthful designers like Rad Hourani and Alexander Wang, they look every bit as cutting edge as the clothes they’re displaying – what better way to show off design’s rising forces than to utilize the talents of burgeoning editorial stars.

Suzy and Evelina

Evelina and Suzy


Darya and Katy


  1. I just wanted to comment on male model listing which has nothing to do with the feed above.

    Just because a model appears in a Calvin Klein ad doesn’t suddenly make them a top model. That is the problem with male model listing. While there are more experienced models with much more work, this model from somewhere does one of CK ads and is ranked top 50.

    AJ is a great model but top 5?? same with Travon Hill, Vladimir…. this happened to Blaine and Garett too which they lead to successful model life.

    But the ranking system is def. not right. Another issue is models being taken off the list and all of a sudden their back in (boyd holbrook, noah mills, will chalker…) For visitors like me the chart is very unstable and unreliable.

  2. Dear Wendel,

    Calvin Klein is one of the most prestigious campaigns in the world. The media buy is enormous, the team among the best in the business. You can think whatever you want that being in a Calvin campaign doesn’t make them a top model, all the best agents know that getting a Calvin campaingn puts that guy on the map like no other client. Besides, that is our criteria and we make the list.

    Because the male models just do not have the amount of work that the women do… and it’s spread out so much, we base it on campaigns and make some exceptions for incredible editorial and show work. There is no other way. That’s why Travone is on there and Vladimir, they both have 2-3 campaigns.

    As for guys coming back on, we are in the middle of adding more lists for the guys, so that top 50 will be only for the newer guys. Look for those. (By the way what do you mean by Will Chalker being back? He was taken off and he’s not been added on?)

    Also, there are guys with much more work, but what you did a year ago, does not count, in our book for top 50 males.

    My guess is that some guys you personally like are missing.. Tell me who that is and I’ll tell you what they’ve been doing in the last 5 months!


  3. Such good girls coming up now. They should get more exposure! I like that V is always using new talent. They are not afraid to take the chance.

  4. YES! V always has exceptional editorials. I love the juxtapositions the models have next to each other.

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