Holy Smoke

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to editorials? Prepare to brace yourself for V67 (on newsstands now), in it Mario Sorrenti channels Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s cult classic, The Holy Mountain, for an editorial heavy on symbolism and sex. Natasha Poly stars in Sorrenti’s colorful photographs and dominates every picture she is in – whether she is spraying Mario with milk or looking like a deity come to life courtesy of Aaron de Mey‘s striking makeup, Ms. Poly owns this story. Sorrenti’s eye-catching images are sure to stay with you – especially the ones where he inserts himself into the story.

CITY OF GOD from V Magazine on Vimeo.

  1. I’m pretty sure I won’t like this, not at all…
    and please, don’t play the “Bigotry card”, ’cause that’s not the point. This simply looks the kind of work that doesn’t give me any particular feeling, just that… it’s not about “reluctance”, it’s about the “Let’s see what’s next” little voice I hear when I leaf through an editorial that doesn’t get my attention – or tries to do it kind of too much ostentatiously…


  2. Natasha is always the best and this editorial is awesome, i love Natasha and Sorrenti couple^^
    Natasha is an icon πŸ™‚

  3. Tries to look avant garde and provocative, but it actully looks like many many old bad performance art videos from the 1980s.

  4. I think the whole post-satanic thing is boring old news. Despite recent editorial proclaiming it as ‘NEW!’. Rehash trying to be provocative. Clearly a skilled photographer. Some of the other elements that were not trying to be shocking sacrilege were interesting and well done.

  5. This is very disgusting and wrong, there is nothing Holy about this campaign. And this has nothing to do with God.

  6. I love Sorrenti. He’s an excellent photographer than can mix his passion for nudity with his love for fashion. City of God is visually alluring. He sits at the top of the photography world with Weber, Vanderperre, and Burton.

  7. It’s visually appealing.. Natasha is truly a fantastic model. But it does look kinda vulgar, I mean like something Terry would do. Which is okay when it’s shot by Terry I guess lol

  8. Natasha is just killing it with her editorials and back to back to back Vogue covers! I love U Natasha! keep it up!

  9. also, i noticed they spelt her last name polly. and regardless how sacrilegious it is i kinda hope the spread in V actually used all of the layouts, i really liked the one with the pieta reference. possibly too racy even for V?

  10. i don’t know, i think it is supposed to be funny! natasha looks like a drag queen with that makeup!!! ugh!

  11. Calm down, it’s an editorial for a magazine you can CHOOSE to buy. It isn’t penetrating your religious beliefs.

  12. I’ve seen the use of the reverse cross a few times; but then you have the unshaven nun, lol. They not included any monks with guns.

  13. Im a bit concerned about the second shot. Looks like something terrible dripping out of Mario’s bum. πŸ™‚

  14. @Charlie Morrison …something terrible like cum and I love it!

    To me this is not like Terry Richardson I don’t feel like I’m witnessing exploitation by some ugly, old perv. When looking at a Terry Richardson photo you get the feeling that if he wasn’t Terry Richardson, he would never get away with the things that he does. But Mario’s different there is emotion in the model, its silent film acting, and when he does shoot himself or the model, nude its makes sense isn’t demeaning the model. If anyone is being objectified it’s Mario (who is looking so sexy, returning to his past life as a model), in fact if you look closely Natasha looks like she is in control. Mario is known for pushing the envelope, with an experimental style of photography similar to Hiro (in terms of angles and shots), and mixing art, expression,fashion and photography like a young Nick Knight. I am biased as he is one of my favorites, love his work with Kate, Naomi, Malgolsia, Devon, Angela and that YSL campaign with Noot.

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