Grunge Redux

Alexander Wang’s new campaign is an ode to the grungy feel of the mid 90s and with Karl Templer styling the look is certainly on point, but does Craig McDeans gritty campaign video do it for you? The sight of Abbey Lee Kershaw and piles of floating papers might not be aspirational for everyone, but it does manage to convey the downtown cool vibe Wang is known for. That’s our take, but tell us what you think in the comments.

  1. Alexander Wang is overrated and so is this commercial. If I wanted to watch garbage flying through the sky I’d rent American Beauty. Abbey looks like she’s on Quaaludes.

  2. abby looks so sexy in this video. and i don’t see her not perfect teeth this time as a bad thing. don’t know why…it makes her look sexier

  3. Like Inna, I don’t understand the hype with this commercial. All I see is a model taking pleasure in having garbage thrown at her. Is that supposed to represent the Alexander Wang client’s relationship to her clothes?

  4. i like the video, but i dont like the clothes/barely saw a glimpse of them so im not sure if it achieves its aim

  5. i love the video…great energy and vibe of downtown dive bar. Abbey looks expensive and super sexy clothes

  6. Lolita in Garbage…
    I think Karl Templer’s 90s vibe styling, become soo abusive…medicore…
    This Video would be soo cool if there was some 60s Cardin Vibe…Would give the clothes contrast…

    I agree with W, seeing this C) = selling nothing..
    Wang is cool but this isnt hip at all…

  7. how uninspired and bland is this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    a cliche of all things commercial in this industry.

  8. Marc Jacobs could probably get away with this (and we all know he wouldn’t come up with such a silly idea) but Alexander is not on Marc’s level yet.

  9. Fashion followers and the common magazine reader are not used to the vision of innovative marketing/branding. They (and obviously the majority of the commenters above) can’t really respond well to something that is not an ad that connotes the straight-up-buy-this-or-you-won’t-be-as-stylish-as-people-who-wear-my-brand idea.
    Alexander Wang doesn’t have to be a designer of a certain caliber, he is pushing limits, and we, as the ordinary consumer, have to respect that and try to appreciate the result.

    I like this video and his imagery much,much more than all that bland luxury and BORING ads we see on a daily basis.

  10. Marlene, the common magazine readers are the main clients today where the money is. not only dirty hipsters or people who work in fashion buy “cool” clothes and they usually can’t afford it, also can you please explain what is so innovative about this video its just abbey dancing around, lets face it alexander wang is just a good stylist which he wanted to be, and he designs from a styling perspective.

  11. I find the video very interesting…. Ia ctually liked it… people have to undestand that this is not an ad to sell the clothes is for brand positioning…. is just to make people aware of the brand… and generate interesting not for the clothes but for brand itself… it’s a vary powerful marketing strategy.

  12. Albert, you’re exactly right about the common magazine reader comment – it explains why the majority of so called fashionable women look like nouveau riche tacklord has thrown up on them.
    And clearly you have no grasp of styling, or design as.
    There is no need to be upset, not every girl can pull of an Alexander Wang.

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