Less is More

Sometimes less is more is an age old saying that has proved itself true throughout the years. In the September release of Dansk Magazine, Matvey Lykov shows that he needs little more than makeup and a simple accessory to command a photographer’s lens. The Russian model has been a perennial runway favorite, but if you thought you’d seen Matvey from every angle, think again. Bojana Tatarska gives us a rare glimpse at Lykov that is an odd combination of stunning artistic flair and distinctly masculine, brawny overtones. What speaks even more is his ability to shine completely bare next to the stunning Valentino ensemble of the always stunning Charlotte Di Calypso. (story by Gary Mazrek)

  1. the first pic could have been inspired by a versace ad from the nineties! i think Sylvester Stallone and Claudia Schiffer doing some Versace Home Furniture thing…but the pictures are gorgeous although Charlotte´s pose is not good

    This is fine art, it looks like they’re dancing tango in the first pic, and the second one is astonishing

  3. omg! those are amazing pictures, i’m not into the whole male model thing (fashion-wise) but this is good, he is a man, not some skinny punk model.

  4. I’m not a fan of the thinner model. The pictures are very amateur compared to what’s out there in my opinion.

  5. Matvey you are simply awesome. The symmetry is perfection. I wish she looked at him with more longing and less anxiety. I would. Let me check my day timer for Russia…….I am needing a trip soon!

  6. Mapplethorpe??? this in NO way has the tortured or sexual overtone mapplethorpe does!! its not just because you see skin on a boy that it has to go in such a perverted direction.
    Matvey looks stunning he is a great model and to me these are some of the best shots of his career.

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