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We love a good film reference and the latest Vogue Italia delivers with an editorial inspired by the 1962 Bette Davis and Joan Crawford thriller, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Miles Aldridge draws inspiration from the black and white classic, but shoots in his signature saturated colors. Playing both the deranged Baby Jane and her bedridden sister, Elisa Sednaoui gets the chance to put her dramatic skills to good use and pulls off both parts admirably in a story that is almost as fun as the melodramatic movie it pays tribute to.

Never seen the original? Take a peak at this video for a taste of the madness!

Image Credit | Fashion Gone Rogue

  1. I love Elisa, but this style was much more suited to when Miles did virtually the same styling/Mommy Dearest concept with Siri (also for VI….come on, Miles). The wig is absurd on her.

  2. I didn’t like this at first because of how absurd and ugly Elisa looked. But at a second glance, I love the styling and the concept. But Elisa does play the part well, she looks completely crazy, esp the last pic!

  3. I am a fan of the film, and especially Betty Davis, and this editorial doesn’t do any justice on the film. I actually wouldn’t have gotten it if it wasn’t mentioned.

  4. I’ve seen the film.. this ed is no good. And I’m not a fan of Elisa as a model, Constance would’ve been GREAT for this.

  5. i think its interesting but badly executed.. too much going on for my taste and like those who commented before, im really not a fan of elisa in the blonde wig and extreme clown make up.

  6. I think the point of the story is to be grotesque. The character was grotesque in the film so of course she isn’t going to look pretty in the editorial. I like that he went with color and didn’t do a shot by shot redoing of the film.

    This could have been good with older models too if you think about it, both of the film leads are supposed to be past their prime. I don’t think Constance or any young model could do this justice. Even with the makeup and wig Elisa isn’t as haggard as Bette Davis was, she’s too fresh to look the way Baby Jane does. Imagine Linda Evangelista doing this – without her usual botox and layer of Creme de la Mer. That could be fun!

  7. I loved it. I so much enjoy originality and takes on film for fashion. Sooo bored of the same B.S. Fashion front. BRAVO!

  8. OK… if anyone has every seen the movie. You would get it. This couldn’t have been done better. The haters need to check themselves. Editorials and Fashion are to be fun, push the limits, and try something new. Hello that doll is worth that of a models rate and it’s hair has been done. If anyone knows when fashion took a cool turn in the 80’s -90’s it was a bunch of cracked out kids stumbling around in the dark having an good time with their camera’s. Now we refer to them as genius and they have made millions by taking a risk. Take a chill pill, relax and in joy the ride that is called fashion. I am tired of seeing the same look at every agency because it is safe. Let’s all stop regurgitating the same thing and calling it something different. Try something new and different and think out of the box. On a side note….. I think this is along the line of what the ford show package should have looked like because you can still see the girl. She is not lost in the wig, clothes or the drag queen eyebrows.

  9. I literally teared up when I saw this..Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies. Aside from that bias, I think Aldridge did a nice job of capturing the troubled, neurotic spirit of Jane Hudson, and luxe yet guilty character of Blanche. I have to agree though, with Inna, about using older models. Love it though, I gotta get this issue!!

  10. Yeah but I don’t think any older model would’ve liked to play an “old” person like Bette Davis in the movie.. they get Botox for a reason, I’m sure Linda E wouldn’t like to play an “older” woman (how old was Bette supposed to be in WHTBJ? maybe around 55?). Maybe Kristen McMenamy would’ve been up for it, and she does look a bit like young Bette.

  11. these are really good pictures. love the story behind them. i can feel the story of the sisters just from the pictures alone! i’d love to see more from this shoot. they truely are amazing.

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