Leaders of the Pack

Harper’s Bazaar picks its modeling dream team with a little help from Peter Lindbergh. The April issue pays tribute to some of the industry’s foremost faces with Magdalena Frackowiak Sigrid Agren, Sessilee Lopez, Heidi Mount & Liu Wen each appearing within the portfolio of top models. Looking edgy in black leather and matching headbands the girls look every bit the trendsetting fashion forces.

Magdelena, Sessilee, Sigrid, Liu and Heidi by Peter Lindbergh | Scans by sedirea at tFS

  1. Props to Liu Wen for the SUPERB FW 09 season she had!!!!!

    My love for Sessilee doesn’t need to be stated!

  2. After Lindbergh’s story with Malgosia in Vogue Italia – one of the best shoots in recent memory, I’m pretty disappointed by this.

    Yes it’s a studio shoot, but Liu looks old and ugly (which she isn’t) and you can’t tell the blondies apart. You could have said Julia Stegner and Kasia Struss were in these photos and I would have believed you.

    That’s what you get blow out the highlights in Photoshop.

  3. Liu Wen walked 74 show this season! I think it’s the most among other girls. But unfortunately (I think) she never opened or closed a show! Considering her achievement she deserves it. But my fingers crossed she will get tons of campaigns this season…

  4. crashing bore ed senseless studio shot
    it’s not models of the moments
    it’s all barbarian
    liu looks quite masculine among others i know it’s not her fault

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