Prints Charming

Taylor Fuchs‘ makes everything look good, a fact that his latest story in GQ Style confirms. Dressed in a wide array of colorful prints and patterns Taylor manages to look rakish and completely at ease. The vibrant Joseph Lally editorial with its eclectic styling and unique look adds a layer of geek chic to Fuchs’ typically sexy appeal.

  1. I saw him on 23rd street today (March 16 2009)

    Lol he looked so different, but still it was still cool to see him.

  2. Taylor is the kind of model I like …smart -sexy – in love with a stunning body & a lovely face!

  3. Sadly, men and women models are both so feminine. I often can’t be sure if the men or not. I can’t tell!

  4. Quite charming. I like Taylor’s looks. He ressambles a leprechaun, but not old nor little…:)

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