Girl On Fire

Some girls just have it; Kirsi Pyrhonen became a phenom almost overnight, but when you look at her editorial work it is easy to see why. The latest issue of Tush showcases Kirsi’s talent for posing in a laid back editorial by Joachim Mueller Ruchholtz. Styled by Ingo Nahrwold and featuring some choice borrowed from the boys looks, the story offers up a charming view of a girl on the rise.

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  1. She’s the next Lara, Freja, Natasha, Sasha, Anja, Karlie and Abbey.
    She’s gonna be big. She is the face. Love her.

  2. she has no posing skills at all. i have seen plenty pictures of her- mostly editorials- and on all of them she had the same expression.


  3. Perfect face.. shoots incredibly from any angle, unforgettable face, like a doll, not terribly thin like almost all new models, just what we need right now.

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