Color Fix

Francois Nars shows his skills as a multi-tasker with a beautiful editorial in Vogue Nippon. The famed makeup artist shoots the story and transforms the babyfaced Anna de Rijk into a futuristic siren in the process. Nars’ frequent collaborator Lena Koro handles the brightly colored makeup, while Patti Wilson styles Anna in the now ubiquitous Miu Miu collection, the end result is a glam story with some truly inspiring looks.

  1. loooooooooooove this beauty story, amazing model, great makeup and lighting however I’m sick of this Miu Miu dress that we’ve seen a thousand times everywhere, the 3rd pic would have been a kick ass cover-worthy shot for me but in my eyes Vogue Nippon can do no wrong

  2. im not annas biggest fan but i do really like the second, third and fourth shots, my least favourite is the cover as i dont feel her best angle is straight on. the last shot is just haunting! wonderful job with the make up, great choice of colours, im impressed.

  3. those miu miu dresses are getting boring….they’re all over the place now…they’re cute, but im getting tired of them

  4. This looks very good. She has a great face for beauty (campaigns). That’s why she is the face of Chanel Beauty line (and not Monika) for the second time. Would be great if you update that. (pic on tfs) 27 is too low for her btw.
    About this ed, i don’t know how long it will last for the incredible Miu Miu collection to bore me if every single magazine uses it.
    And I&V like her, so maybe a cover for VN soon?

  5. @ Bertrand: I agree with you, the 3rd shot would have been an amazing cover shot. The makeup in contrast with that yellow it!

    And I love all things Miuccia Prada but can we stop using these same freaking dresses!!! I love them but I have seen them in every single fashion magazine I have bought this month: and I bought A LOT of mags.(gotta love september issues)

    Dear editors of the world: No more Miu Miu, no more Prada and no more Vuitton…..not until their next brilliant collections at least 😉

  6. that miu miu dress again? it has been shown in too many magazines in different colours already….the dress is interesting but i’m bored because i’ve seen it too many times

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