Kelly Craig can now be seen on (IMAX and regular) screens across the country in her movie debut in 300.

The Canadian model plays the iconic role of the Oracle in the (already) box-office hit that opened nationwide last Friday.

As the success of the movie is making headlines in every papers, google users apparently can’t get enough of the striking redhead. founder, Dan Grant, told folio this morning: “Modelresource just had it’s three most successful days, because of the number of people googling Kelly Craig. The problem is I’m going to exceed my data transfer quotas…!”

Kelly is flying back from Paris and is planning a stop in New York this Friday to meet some agencies. Funny thing: she yet has to see the movie (and has no idea of its actual success).

Pictures below : The Oracle (Kelly Craig) slips into a trance and begins the process of interpreting the will of the gods in Warner Bros 300.

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