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Doesn’t it feel like everything is in 3D lately? Films and television shows have already jumped on the 3D bandwagon and now magazines are following suit, Vogue Italia serves up a September Issue in three dimensions featuring a cutesy portrait of Miranda Kerr and her Yorkie puppy, Frankie.

Don’t let the innocent cover fool you though, Steven Meisel taps into the sexy side of the VS angel turned high fashion phenom. Meisel’s portraits are sensual and revealing, offering up a fresh perspective on Miranda’s girlish appeal – just put on your 3D specs and prepare to enjoy!

Miranda by Meisel | Image Credit – Scanned by mayfrayn @ tFS

  1. You know, someone says recent “3d films explosion” just tries (badly) to hide lack of content concentrating on the medium – well, I’m that “someone” actually! 🙂 Taking a look at these, I’d say my opinion is just the same: PURE LACK OF CONTENT…
    Btw just two things: 1) Prada coat (cover) imo on Barbara Palvin looked a little bit better… 2) the puppy is delicious! but wait: if a dog is best part of a Vogue Italia cover & cover editorial the thing is at least alarming… *_*’


  2. @Miss B- editorials are shot months before they are released. I love 3D images because you don’t often see them. If they were in every magazine, I would probably hate it.

  3. i saw this a few days ago and was hoping it was a joke… i cant believe vogue Italia a magazine i admired would put this rubbish in their magazine, booooo, miranda is the epitome of trashy cheap fashion models. very disappointed.

  4. i was a bit confused but when i put those glasses the world changed. the dresses, “rain”, so cool. what a great idea. vogue italia, always first. however, i wasnt particularly attracted by the cover.

  5. I have to say, I wasn’t entirely convinced by this whole Miranda reinvention – until I saw this. the girl is sensational. she has a vitality and presence that has been sorely missing from the world of modeling; I don’t know if it’s her (ever so slightly) fuller figure, or maybe her joy and satisfaction at cracking the high end. I just hope she’s not a fad, as I’m sure Crystal Renn will turn out to be

    on a side note, love the images without the glasses! having seen them in 3D, wouldn’t it be more fun to do a more exciting, innovative 3D story, rather than resorting to Meisel’s tried and tested avedonisms?

  6. These pictures HAVE to be seen with 3D glasses. It makes such a difference.. And well done on Miranda. She can accomplish whatever she puts her heart into, even high fashion!

  7. First opinion: Miranda Kerr is NOT Vogue Italia-worth…Anyways, let a model get a famous and handsome actor and here we go…

    Well, Vogue Italia might be the first magazine coming up with a 3D-editorial, but it’s only the first one if we speak about major publications.
    I know at least one magazine that had a far better interpretation of a 3D-editorial and that is almost two months ago and I am speaking about German JOLIE Magazine. Not that important and not that glossy as Vogue Italia, but still: they were faster! …and, by the way: it looked much better! Maybe because they, too, had Miranda Kerr on the cover?? 🙂

  8. When in the world is Natasha Poly going to finally get a Vogue Italia cover? I like Miranda, but I have to say, I was VERY shocked she got this cover. Her high fashion bookings are getting higher and higher…seems to be quite a trend to take the sex bomb VS girls and put them in some Prada.

  9. I’m so happy for Miranda, she deserves it. She’s working her ass off and now, she’s becoming more than a VS bombshell. I mean, look at how editorial jobs she booked, quite impressive, everybady has to admit!

  10. I think she’s a very pretty girl but those are terrible pictures, and her little dog on the cover?? Oh well I love Meisel’s irony, I think he does it on purpose, just to annoy us and his peers.

  11. OK, some of these comments are not sitting well with me. Why is it OK that a high fashion girl can work for VS and I VS girl can’t become high fashion?? Is it because only skinny, pre-pubescent-alien-looking girls are allowed to do high fashion? Ridiculous. Quite frankly, I’m ecstatic that someone like Miranda got the cover and NOT Natasha Poly.


  13. I can’t even begin to express how much I love seeing beautiful women like Alessandra and Miranda being used in the editorial world. It’s so cool to see fashion changing right in front of our eyes. I’m rather excited about this new movement. Maybe it’s the beginning of the comeback of supermodels. Who knows?

  14. good for her for a change and surprise I guess, but I swear commercial girls do not kill it like high fashion models can! never do in my opinion. gisele maybe is the only one because of her impeccable bone structure. kinda sick of this furby looking model trend…cute for commercial, but stay out of fashion photos. ramir sorry to not want an open fish face on the cover of VI…

  15. you dont get a VI cover from dating a celeb, lol cindy crawford never did….and countless other models who dated celebs. its called catching Meisel’s attention somehow. he liked her after working with her on prada and voila! its all about who you impress in the industry…not who you date. thats absurd. heidi klum is married to seal and she’s never landed huge covers or campaigns from it. ahh such jealousy.

  16. Rather ridiculous, this ‘high fashion’ snobbery. That’s what makes a model ‘super’ – her ability to straddle both markets. Gisele, Karolina; Doutzen is completely commercial, yet I can’t seem to remember any one protesting when Meisel gave her her VI cover – is that because it came before VS? It’s OK to stoop, but not to climb? Who here remembers Annie Morton? Catalogue girl done good. Now there’s a story, that is what makes this whole game so enthralling, even after all these years. Isn’t the thrill of Fashion it’s constant change and surprise? So get over it: Miranda’s been anointed and I for one am happy to bear witness to this coup. Like someone here said, the industry is changing before our eyes. High time

  17. What’s wrong with commercial girls doing high fashion? OR high fashion girls doing commercial?
    Miranda is the “model at the moment” with 3 editorials in US Vogue and 2 covers in Septemper.
    We may not see more of her for few months because she is pregnant.

  18. She reminds me of a Koala Bear, and not just ’cause they both hail from Down Under, i mean that in a good way, in a cute, butter-wouldn’t melt-in-my-mouth way. Good on her for bettering herself in the industry, look at all the fantastic ‘High Fashion’ girls who do, or have, walked for VS; Natasha Poly, Lily Donaldson, Gisele Bundchen, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Jessica Stam, Anja Rubik, Naomi Campbell, Liya Kebede, Edita Vilkeviciute… the list goes on and on. So Boo to the haters, cyclone Miranda is arriving.

  19. i think sometimes 3D or any other gimmick is just that – a gimmick that doesn’t really make sense – esp. when it’s not a perfected tech. When she jumps off the page like a hologram, then maybe….

  20. she looks gorgeous and i’m glad for her and nothing is wrong with a commercial girl on a high fashion magazine,it’s time for something new every once and a while plus who wouldn’t want to see that flawless face and body!

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