1. WOW, this is ON THE POINT X a trillion times!!! Stunning cover (it’s been a while…)!!!

    Nicola Formichetti… what can I say about his styling… Bam! Bam! Bam!!!!!!!

    I love everything about this!!!


  2. wow! stunning cover! lakshmi looks great. There is something missing in her expression, cant put fingure on it.. but something lacks.. But its still a great cover shot, great Nicola. u rock!

  3. one of the strongest and fiercest covers i’ve ever seen..and all because of the great styling and thanks to the uber gorgeous Lakshmi! She truly shine and her gaze is absolutely killer! Can’t wait to see the whole editorial and to see her in some major campaigns! This beauty is on fire!!!

  4. damn… the interesting girls are making more of an art collective items than moments in fashion this a true testament of that. So is Arlenis Time cover.Laks, girl this cover belongs in a museo. I wish Tom would stop playing and make womens so he put Lakshmi, Arlenis, Tao(that mushroom Asian hottie),Sesleselie, and Eniko in a photo campaign… mannnnnnnnn! this is muito marvalhosas!

  5. I love to see colored women in fashion, it’s always few and far between. But i can tell she’s going to work, not just because clients need a colored person, but because she really has incredible talent. Beautiful, beautiful model.

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