Wham! Bam! Stam!

Models don’t just make the news, they are the news! With the House of Style revival already garnering buzz MTV steps back into the style game by enlisting Jessica Stam to cover backstage at Anna Sui. With her bubbly person and camera ready face Stam is the perfect high fashion representative. She gives fashion fans a taste of what it’s like to work the runway taking them behind the scenes for rehersal, makeup and a little chat with Anna herself.

[flashvideo filename=https://v.models.com/feed/i/2009/03/stam-mtv1.mov image=https://i.models.com/feed/i/2009/03/feed-video-stam.gif width=480 height=360 bufferlength=18 duration=180 /]

  1. Ooooooo.
    Normally, not a Stam fan. But after seeing this, she is so cute and well-spoken. Good choice, MTV.

  2. absolute favorite model! this girl is the one who started the 100% takeover of my life dealing with the fashion industry! love stam !

  3. I used to watch video interviews of Stam and always felt she was a little quiet, stuck-up and never wanted to talk to anyone.

    I don’t know whether it’s because she’s no longer dragging her butt to doing hundreds of shows every season (the benefits of being a true top model), or she’s slowly switching careers, but I’m seeing a different side to her. A lot more friendly and personable. She’s doing great as a TV personality.

  4. Wow. Jessica has something to fall back on! Talent!

    I’m sorry but she’s way better and more natural hostess than Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen or Adriana Lima…..

  5. Anna Sui fashion shows rock, thanks so much for the music (and, duh, for the effin’ fashion as well!). Does anyone know what song they used towards the end? Salamat:)

  6. “stam didn’t even say sorry when she bumped into the lady.”

    Guess it was different from the model who speed walked into me at Bryant Park last September, and must’ve been looking straight ahead..thus looking over top of me.

    She apologised, but she also pretty much bounced off me lol.

  7. she’s so fun!

    She’s so stunning. And I love her bubbly personality. She isn’t super “omg,cut that part out where I slipped, omg” instead it was emphasized, this is the way to go!

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