The Battle for Sean

Receiving much press recently, the battle for CLICK model David Goldman‘s son has reached the White House. This just in from photographer Doug Ordway: “I’m writing to you in regards to a rally for the return of Sean, David’s son. David is on old friend of mine, and a fantastic person! It will coincide with the meeting of Barack Obama & Pres. Lula of Brazil. There will be speeches by various senators & politicians and much media coverage. They are looking for the help of people in our business. There is a charter bus leaving Manhattan around 9:00 AM Saturday Morning, and will return right after the rally. LETS FILL THAT BUS!!”

To get on the bus, send an email to and reference CHARTER BUS NYC in the subject line of your email.

To see the whole story, click here for CNN story, here for MSNBC story.

David Goldman with his wife and son. He last saw them 4 years ago.

  1. This is so unfair with the kid, he has a family in Brazil, a sister and a step father who raised him as a son…he just lost his mother and now they wann force him to quite everything to live with a biological father that haven’t seen the kid in the last 4 or 5 years…! Makes me sick if the real reason he is making such a noise is to get some media attention!

  2. Like David Goldman said this is Ludacris. Brazil is not following international law, and the sons mother’s family clearly doesn’t understand that the child belongs to him, not the lawyer guy. That uncle that spoke to CNN was slandering David without really having any backup to follow.

  3. I think you should not intervene in this matter, it is out of your reach. This happens everyday and the fact that the father is a US citizen should not be more valuable than the mother’s rights. Please stick to models’ matters … I do not count on Models for geopolitical issues…

  4. Do you know, it is sort of funny how americans can be some times really frivollous… why don’t you, which is such an important site regarding model industry publish something concerning others lives after checking the info? i mean, why don’t first trying to check what really happened with this boy and his mother before publishing it in here?! you know, this all is pretty sad for it is just as if the brazilian family had kidnapped the kid…. the fact is that this model named David Goldman is earning rivers of money by all of you with all this publicity he is giving… you know, Brazil is just a serious country and would not admit a kidnapping at all… the boy is in here by a Justice act! and what you can not see is just how much money this guy is still earning by all your contributions… if you really want to be serious, ask him to show where he applied all the money he earned from donations through his website and all this campaign… all, but if you do want to continue eating all this crap go make a donation… to make it easier here is the link

  5. To Maurren,
    Do you have a child? If you had a child, you would know the heartache this parent must be going through. You must be very young or really insensitive.

    To anonymous,
    What do you mean this is out of our reach? What are we doing that’s out of our reach? It’s a matter of a model who had something very unfortunate happen to him. HELLO, it is model’s matters. Why is Gisele getting married any more important and is reported EVERYWHERE!!!???

    To Anne Katz,
    Again, again I have to ask, do you have a child? What I assume (and correct me if I’m wrong) is that it is very expensive to pursue a case like this and this is internationally as well! How much do you think lawyers make? Not $5 an hour.

    I didn’t want to get emotionally involved in the post. I made it as factual as possible but all you people make me upset and angry. I have a child and if I lost her in this fashion, my life would be a living hell.


  6. I don’t know all the facts and intricacies, but I have read the articles from very reputable news sites and I’m sorry.. no matter what the child deserves to be with the father! No ifs and buts, it is sad he has to leave his familiar surroundings, but he belongs with his father.

    And to Anne Katz, I doubt Hilary Clinton would be getting involved if you think David is as shady as you are painting him out to be!

    “Frivolous Americans..” Please.. spare me.

  7. Betty, I agree with you 100%. The people above making comments as if David should just give up his child to the step father is absolutely ludicrous and very insensitive. I have a child and if that happened to me I will be heartbroken and outraged. The Brazilian courts should not think for a moment that they are above international law and should give the child back to the biological father were the child belongs in the first place because what the mother did by taking the child without being granted full custody by a court in America was completely against the law in American and in any other law abiding country part of the international community.
    Thank you for posting this story.

  8. To Betty

    You simply do not think about the child just defending the american citizen who actually is selling mugs and aprons with the son pictures…I saw the interview on sunday in Brazilian television, do you think is rite taking the kid from his family taht he loves and cares to oblige him to live with a stranger that he vhaven´t seen in the last 4 years and who he calls David and not dad? Is a father the one who makes you or the one who raises and educates, the one who is everyday with you? think about and do not talk about subjects besides fashion, this is a way difficult for you to respect and understand and yes Maurren has 2 kids and I am her husband!

  9. Betty,
    You know what is sad?! is that you only have eyes to your belly!!! do you know how much a lawyer in Brazil earn?i bet you don’t…. Brazil is not USA honey!!! things in here are pretty harder…. but anyway, part from that (and apart from what you think about Brazilians), the fact is: how much this guy earned with all this publicity? actually, the question should be how much is still he earning with all this publicity? do you have numbers to give? i bet you don’t!!! so, why don’t being a bit just more serious and go ask him to show you how much did he earn with dontions and what did he do with all the money… this is THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION!!! this model guy does not care a bit to his son, he came to Brazil and did not want to see the boy… Brazilian Law system has mechanism that would have enabled him to see the boy if he wished and he did not want to see him for more than 4 years… besides, for Sean (the boy) this guy is a complete stranger, only someone he heard of… now imagine the trauma it would make to the kid being plucked out from the safety of his home and given to a guy he hardly saw in his life… there is only one word for all what this guy is making and it is CRUELTY. And don’t come with those rethorical question (not to say naive) “do you have a son?”… now i shall ask you, do you have a son Betty? i could even go a bit farther and ask “how far would you go for the best of this son?”, i mean would you not relinquish some rights so that the kid could have a better life?!.. anyway, this all is straying from the point, which is how well do you know this model guy do support him and all the nonsense he is talking about… by the way, did he tell you he earned 150.000,00 usd so he could not sue the grandparents of the kid? i well, since he only wants his kid back why would he ‘bribe’ someone? to me it only makes him a bad person and it makes me sad how can such a intelligent people as americans are can fall on such a stupid story as this that this guy is making…. pretty sad indeed!

  10. Aw, and to Charlotte: who is Hillary Clinton?! is she a nobel winner?! i bet she is not!!! actually, could you tell me what she did of good to the world???? aw, even better, what did she do of good to you americans? well, this economic crisis she did not prevent did she?! it is easy to be famous when you have a former president as a husband…. i don’t want to say she is not brilliant, she might be! actually, i do totally think she must be an extraordinaire person… and it is for thinking like that that i do think also she should care about her business insteady of others…as far as i am concerned she did not (yet) come to Brazil to hear the kid mother’s version of the story… so why is she making all this fuzz over a story she only heard one side of? well, i know americans have such an advanced Judicial System and it is famous to be really democratic.. actually, americans are really convinced (with reason of course) to be a really democratic country, and what is the most important principle of any democracy?! to hear both sides of a story before making decisions!!! well, it is a pitty that you all who are supporting this guy are forgetting about this… by the way Charllotte, it is easy to read american news suppporting this model guy, but why don’t you try reading also those very realiable news when they are brazilian? i bet they all support the mother… you see, “realiable” is just a relative concept which depends on what side you are honey….

  11. Laurent, this child wouldn’t be a so called stranger to his biological father had he not been taken from him in the first place. Clearly his real dad has been trying to get him back since this whole thing began. Plus, if you watch the interview he did call David daddy when he saw him a month ago.

    so… if your wife takes your kids out of the country, and after four years of you trying to get them back she won’t return them, at that point you’ll just say, “all well, they’ve settled in now, I might as well just give up”? that’s ridiculous, and you know it.

  12. Anne Katz:
    Are you done ranting? Yes I have a child, if you actually read my post, you would see that I say that.

    Since you are a father yourself, you know you would do the same in the case of the American father. Would you just “GIVE UP YOUR CHILD”? I think not.


  13. To Betty,
    We have heard your arguments but this story does NOT belong to as well as Gisele’s wedding, she’s more a celeb than a model now

  14. I think that people are only looking one side in the story … the fact is that we have hear both sides before any judgement.
    that why we have WAR …there is no way out.
    we have to hear both sides… and see a way that both families can be part of his life.

  15. Anne Katz and Laurent you both need to educate yourselfs because you are both making yourselfs sound like ignorant, hot messes. What the mother did by taking the child away from the father was CRUELTY. She robed her child of developing a healthy relationship to his biological father. This is a case that shows that karma does exists. Laurent and Anne, I assure you Brazil will have to abide to international law and return the child to his biological and real father who loves him and is suffering.

  16. Betty what can I say, you should take care of fashion only, instead of talking about some serious issues because your critical sense for models7 fashion is usefull baut in this case if you act as a “Americanoide” you wont have any respect from the rest of the world besides US, but maybe you are the “Americanoide” so definetelly nothing exists besides the US territory and I just can feel sorry for you!

  17. I mean really??? Anne, Laurent, Maureen….Your comments are not even WORTH responding to. Sean was KIDNAPPED… Taken away from his father without his knowledge. It unbelievable that some people could even think they way they do.The person Sean is staying with now is a kidnapper. He has NO legal rights to Sean what so ever.

  18. Epuk am i really an idiot? aw don’t you tell me you gave money to him?! hahaahha you know you make me laugh… go being naive as you are honey! if you want to discuss all this, i only gotta say i am pretty sorry but it is with David Goldman you have to discuss it… aw, and if you do that try asking him where is applying all the money he is earning!!! he must be making really a fortune!!!! at least 150.000,00 from the boy’s family he did earn!!!

  19. To Anne Katz:

    Huh? So what are you reading? If I am so mis-informed, send me the links to your very reputable news sites.

    And Hilary Clinton didn’t win a nobel prize, and yes she couldn’t stop the economy from collapsing (what the heck.. have you taken an economics class. ever….) what is your point, you make zero sense. Congratulations.

  20. “Laurent, this child wouldn’t be a so called stranger to his biological father had he not been taken from him in the first place.”

    EXACTLY. That argument is so bogus, poor child who is ripped from his home. So that means, I can kidnap someone’s child, then treat them with love and care, and voila.. they are mine now??? That isn’t the way the laws work.

  21. Lucas,

    A voice of reason amongst the Brazilians. What a fantastic idea to have the poor child have 2 families that love him in his life!

    We should have you in the Middle East solving that. I’m serious!


  22. Anne Katz, I feel very sorry for you bc you are so painfully primitive and obviously you have something personal against Americans. Please stop making such insulting comments about Americans because you are making educated Brazilians like myself look bad. I feel so sorry for the boy to be put in this horrible and unfair situation by his Brazilian family. I am Brazilian and I believe international law must be respected and that the boy must be returned to his biological father.
    Betty, please keep us all informed on this case bc it goes to show that and the modeling industry has heart. Thank you.

  23. Are you indeed Brazilian Lynn? with this name?! Aw Gosh c’ommon…. besides, as far as i am concerned, i did not offend and people – brazilians or americans! actually i hate generalizations and that is why i addressed specifically to the ones who wrote in here (see i put the names)… and the thing in here is not respecting international Law – NO INTERNATIONAL LAW has been broken!!!! this is sooooo OBVIOUS and it is amazing how you all can be so bling not to see it!!! if any international agreement had been broken, this David Goldman or even the USA Government could contact ONU and Brazil would suffer international sanctions, and did this happen?! noooooo!!!!!! and the single reason is that NO INTERNATIONAL LAW HAS BEEN BROKEN!!!! that is why i can not bear all tis sentimentalism of all of you, because you all are speaking of a matter you don’t know and did not had the least interest to know… and all this situation is even WORSE for people are making donations without even knowing the destiny of the money – gosh, where is he applying all the money he is earning?!?! if anyone could tell me this with blatant proofs i’d promise i’d silence myself, but no one will ever know this!!! whhy doesn’t he publish in his site how much he earn and how much he spend?! you all come accusing Brazil Governemnt of something you barely know – you only have news to inform you, but why don’t you go consult lawyers and things like this insteady of sheer speculation?

  24. Well, what happened was terrible. The ideal is that a child is raised by both parents (generally).
    The mother should have thought about it before doing what she did.
    It’s a very delicate situation.
    The father want his kid back, who already have other people that he loves and see as a family…
    I understand what the father must have been through, but taking the boy’s family from him is also cruel, that would be so selfish of him. Of course he wants to raise his kid, which is his right, but he has to think about the consequences for the child too.

    Something I noticed throught the debate is some people see the child as a thing: he “belongs to”, he must “be returned to”… Or are atached to legal aspects only. It’s not only about laws or who “owns” the child, it’s about emotions from many people, including the boy’s mental and emotial health.

    What’s most important is whats best for the kid, NOT for the father, NOR the stepfather, NOR even the sister…

    Is the boy better off with his father? With the family from Brazil? We don’t know. Maybe both, who knows? The Justice will decide.

    But everybody should care more about what the kid thinks and wants. It’s healthy and natural to have his biological father close to him, but I bet he also loves his family. Oh, God, such a big dilemma. I only hope that he’s happy, whatever the “grown ups” decide!

    PS: My english is LOUSY. hehe

  25. This story is heartbreaking!!!!

    David’s son was KIDNAPPED!!!!

    He should be RETURNED IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

    He is doing everything he can to get his son back. His son loves him and he loves his son. ENOUGH SAID!!!!

    If you can’t support David and his cause – then go somewhere else.

    I think what Doug Ordway is doing is wonderful, compassionate and proves that he is a nice guy with a heart. (can’t say the same for some of the other “posters”)


  26. Lynn you are ridiculous, I feel sick once someone writes such a thing as you did:
    “the boy must be returned to his biological father” talking about a person as if it was a package or some purchase…And yes you definetelly need to be updated about the case by Betty such an authority in this subject!
    Please stop telling people that you are brazilian, doens’t make any difference your nationality the thing that really matters is that you are retarded!

  27. Anne Katz, I am Brazilian of German decent, raised in NY. Anne Katz you said “actually i hate generalizations” But above you made many general and some very insulting comments like, “is sort of funny how americans can be some times really frivollous” You can’t even spell correctly, is frivolous not frivollous. Go back to school and learn how to spell Anne. Do you even know the meaning of the word?
    Another insulting and general statement you made about Americans “makes me sad how can such a intelligent people as americans are can fall on such a stupid story as this that this guy is making”
    Is not a stupid story at all is a very important story because Sean was illegally taken away from his father.
    Another general statement you made “Brazil is not USA honey!!! things in here are pretty harder” You don’t know every person in the USA, you don’t know how hard some people have it here or do you think every person is the USA is rich and lives in a mansion?

    To Maurren Magi you are obviously just as primitive as Anne Katz. I won’t stoop as low as you have. If you had class you would know that you can disagree with someone without insulting the person. I stand by my comment 100%. Is plain and simple, what the mother did was against the law in any civilized country. Most ideal will be if both families could be part of Sean’s life however that is for the courts and for David to decide.

  28. Maurren Maggi says:
    March 10th, 2009
    at 5:37 pm This is so unfair with the kid, he has a family in Brazil, a sister and a step father who raised him as a son…he just lost his mother and now they wann force him to quite everything to live with a biological father that haven’t seen the kid in the last 4 or 5 years…! Makes me sick if the real reason he is making such a noise is to get some media attention!

    My answers to your message ma’am,and i profoundly disagree of your biased opinion; First thing Sean was abducted by the mother,Sean’s father was divorced by the mother, she got married after the divorce,died of giving birth (how ironic is that!!!).Have you watched the documentary of the plight of this Man? at the biginning of his fight to have his kidnapped son back to the US of A.His wife refused to work with him,but according to her over their conversation on the phone, that he was an excellent Dad and husband.There was no problem on their marriage,the parents of Bruna(wife) came to the US to visit them.Bruna and their son(Sean) went with her parents to Brazil to take a vacation,and David(father of Sean) will follow them to Brazil.David flew back to the US first after the Vacation,and Bruna wanted to stay a little longer. The calvary of this man started when Bruna called him that she’s not returning to the US, and she is going to divorce him.To shorten the story this was the start of David and Bruna’s custody battle for their son; until her unfortunate death.All along David(father of Sean)was blinded with the malicious intent of Bruna and her parents. Their plans, and motive from the beginning,and the reasons why her parents came to visit were alterior-in-motive at the very least.

    *Sean should be handed to his Biological Father.
    *Mr.Goldman won the first decision from the court.Sean should have been home already with his Father
    *The new husband of Bruna appealed,and the return of Sean was halted.
    *Mr.Goldman has been fighting for a long time with the Brazilian Laws of child abduction.
    *Mr. Goldman refused to settle the problem in an illegal way,i.e. kidnap his son back to the US.He will fight the fight in a right way according to him.
    *Compared to the parents of Bruna and step dad their fight was based on manipulating the system because of thier connections as a prominent people.
    *of course this could gain an attention to both countries,because Mr. Goldman has been taken advantage by the brazilian government,and his request was ignored. In General Sean should have been with his Dad.
    *Bruna’s side of the family portrayed Mr.Goldman as the Bad man, and he wasn’t the one committing a crime;the wife did.
    *Mr.Goldman despite of Bruna’s inhuman actions,his love for her was unconditional,and longing to have his wife and son back…
    *At this unfortunate predicament of Mr.Goldman.He is not the culprit of this battle committed by this arrogant,hypocrite people.”The fact is Sean’s step dad is a Family lawyer” supposed to have the knowledge of family laws….Mr Goldman is a human being fighting his rights as the biological father of Sean fighting to gain custody.
    So this story of battle of custody was not about fame,seeking attention,this is a demoralizing actions on Bruna’s side of the family of continueng taking the rights of Mr.Goldman as the Father of Sean…
    This is an embarrasing part of the Brazilians mentality,and the olympic committee voted to have the olympic in Brazil, which is kind of scary on my opinion.
    If this situations happen in my life.I will put the same fight as Mr.Goldman did. My prayers to both of them that this problem will come to a happy ending, and Sean will be reunited with his Father.

  29. Justice prevailed on Mr Goldman case, and i hope the Brazilian family will not do any stupid action to hide Sean from the father.They should hand the child to him ASAP,since it’s pretty common in the family to commit crime(kidnap)….. posting is the current news of the chief justice’s decision in favor of Mr. Goldman…

    Brazil’s chief justice on Tuesday ruled in favor of a U.S. man who has pursued a five-year court battle to gain custody of his son.

    According to the court’s Web site, Chief Justice Gilmar Mendes ruled David Goldman’s 9-year-old son must be delivered to him by the boy’s Brazilian relatives, as a federal court ordered last week.

    The ruling put Goldman one step closer to finally being reunited with his son, Sean. The boy was taken by Goldman’s now-deceased ex-wife to her native Brazil in 2004, where he has remained. Goldman has been fighting to get him back from the boy’s stepfather.

    Goldman’s New Jersey-based lawyer, Patricia Apy, said late Tuesday that she believed Mendes’ order required that Sean be handed over immediately, but she said Goldman’s attorneys had not heard from lawyers for the Brazilian family.

    Lawyers on both sides have said there was still a chance for the Brazilian family to appeal to Brazil’s highest appeals court, though the chances of success seemed slight.

    Goldman, who lives in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, declined to comment until he learned more details about the 50-page ruling.

    U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, a New Jersey congressman who traveled to Brazil to offer his support, said Goldman was pleased.

    “He was elated, a big smile came to his face, but he said ‘I’m not going to let my guard down until it’s wheels up,” Smith said.

    Goldman has seen earlier rulings ordering Sean’s return be blocked, and for days his supporters have expressed worries the Brazilian family might try to flee or hide Sean.

    Calls to the Brazilian family’s lawyer were not immediately returned.

    Both the U.S. and Brazilian governments argued that the case clearly fell under the Hague Convention, which seeks to ensure that custody decisions are made by the courts in the country where a child originally lived — in this case, the United States.

    A lawyer specializing in the Hague Convention said Tuesday’s decision by Mendes was the only right one to make.

    “It would be virtually impossible to reconcile international law with a ruling in favor of the Brazilian family,” said Greg Lewen of the Miami-based law firm Fowler White Burnett.

    He said that if the Hague Convention were not followed by the chief justice, “the State Department should immediately issue a travel advisory warning parents not to go to Brazil with their children.”

    Goldman launched his case in U.S. and Brazilian courts after Sean was brought by his mother in 2004 to her home country, where she then divorced Goldman and remarried. She died last year in childbirth, and the boy has lived with his stepfather since.

    In an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday, Goldman said he would allow Sean’s Brazilian relatives to visit with his son if he won the case. “I will not do to them what they’ve done to Sean and me,” he said.

    The case has affected diplomatic ties between Brazil and the U.S., and has been discussed by President Barack Obama and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

    Last week, a U.S. senator reacted to the case by blocking renewal of a $2.75 billion trade deal that would remove U.S. tariffs on some Brazilian goods. The hold was lifted after Tuesday’s ruling and the U.S. Senate quickly passed the trade measure.

    The U.S. State Department pressed for the boy to be returned. But a Brazilian Supreme Court justice on Thursday stayed the lower court decision ordering Sean to be turned over to his father.

    Goldman and Brazil’s attorney general both filed appeals Friday asking the Supreme Court to overturn the justice’s decision to block Sean’s return while the court considers hearing direct testimony from the boy. On Tuesday, Mendes ruled the order no longer valid.

    The Brazilian family’s lawyer, Sergio Tostes, had told the AP that he would like to see a negotiated settlement, saying he wanted to end the damage being done to Sean and to U.S.-Brazil relations.

    “We’re raising the white flag and saying: ‘Let’s get together, let’s talk. We’re the adults, we have responsibilities, so let’s start to have a constructive conversation,'” Tostes said.

    Goldman, however, was never in a mood to negotiate.

    “This isn’t about a shared custody — I’m his dad, I’m his only parent,” Goldman said. “This isn’t a custody case — it’s an abduction case.”


    AP Television News Producer Flora Charner in Rio de Janeiro and Associated Press writers Tales Azzoni in Sao Paulo and Geoff Mulvihill in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, contributed to this report.

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