While there’s much hype about the September issues for behemoths like American Vogue, there’s also a wave of indie magazines rolling off the presses proving that print is most certainly not dead. Check out Luke Worrall on Supplementaire,Vanessa Traina/Hanne Gaby Odiele for Intermission and Yuri Pleskun for The Vision. The striking simplicity of these are a refreshing contrast to the covers most prevalent now on the stands. We love ’em all!

Luke by Dimitris Theocharis

Hanne and Vanessa byJohn Scarisbrick

Yuri by Dennis Stenild

  1. it’s pretty imposible to make a cover interesting, i think the above comments are a bit silly really.

  2. Luke looks so coptivating..!
    Shame about the ugly letters on him..for such an expensive coffee table book..
    Lulu xx

  3. Lulu i guess you meant captivating..:-P

    I agree with you, i like the simplicity of The Vision Magazine..
    Vanessa looks stunning..Yuri a bit bored..and Luke almost like waiting for someone to lick him!

  4. Yuri is such a beautiful boy-bored look or not i would buy that magazine just because he is on the cover.

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