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David Gandy, Dolce & Gabbana face is an editor for a new magazine about fashion and politics, Fashist!

So sad… “Why were Milan runways so whitewashed”? NY Mag does the math. Raquel Zimmerman and Aline Weber are counted as Latina!

Here is the next crop of Brazilian boys, thanks to Made in Brazil and 40 Graus.

V Magazine is looking for party photographers!

Christina Kruse, model and photographer, interviewed by Interview!

First pic of Audrey Tatou as Coco Chanel. The movie comes out in France on April 22nd.

What do Galliano, Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld have in common? All answer to Bernard Arnault.

At Givenchy, Brazilian girls rule.. Adriana Lima, Leticia Birkheuer, Ana Claudia Michels and of course Isabeli Fontana and Raquel Zimmerman.

This week in the New Yorker… A profile on the original street photographer, Bill Cunningham and on Alber Elbaz, the genius at Lanvin..

On a very serious note, visit the website for One for Jasmina. Jasmina (whose mom Thea works for Spiegel) is a 6 year old girl in New York who has leukemia and may only have 2 months to live. Kelly Rowland (from Destiny’s Child), Rihanna and the members of the New York Knicks basketball team all support young Jasmina. Visit and see if you can help now!

Ph: Yorick Nube. Keshia with Ulla Models. Newly placed with Women Direct Worldwide and Premier in London

  1. ulla models have great girls. like for example Lisanne de Jonog and Nicole van Maanen. she is stuning, very brazilian look though.

  2. That WSJ magazine article was fascinating, especially the interaction between Galliano and Arnault. It seems to me that much creative freedom is stifled but is necessary in the tightly controlled world of competition and economics. Very eye-opening article for me.

    In regards to the whitewashed runways of Milan, I’m not even going to comment.

  3. Uh…are Brazilians not considered a latin culture? How much longer do we have to listen to this “not enough diversity on the runway” conversation? And why are no 5’8″ white guys complaining about not being represented in the NBA?

  4. Brazilian top models doing Givenchy is amazing!!! Ana Claudia never stops!!! I love her…

  5. Well I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to bring up this “not enough diversity on the runway” topic in the first place. But unfortunately the fashion industry -and many of their followers like ‘jamal’- has become more conservative and ignorant. Why would we condemn racism and ignorance in the ‘real’ world and close our eyes when it comes to the fashion industry?

  6. Wow she looks Amazing. Very sexy. If you check her out on the ullamodels website you see that she has a Cindy Crawford mole. LOVE IT!!!

  7. Dear, Jamal I will highly recommend you to inform yourself first before making such an ignorant statement. I am white, I work in the industry and I a sure you that there are many people of all nationalities who feel that the lack of color representation is outright incorrect and as a matter of fact DISCRIMINATING. In any other industry if a person doesn’t get the job due to their skin color they have the right to take the company to court. The fashion industry is one of the few industries where RACISM is so BLATANT that we should all working in it ought to be ASHAMED of our selfs and rather than talking and talking about how sad it is, we should start doing something about it. Education is the key, read the BILL OF RIGHTS, CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964, EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY ACT, CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT.

  8. I did say I wouldn’t comment on Milan but Jamal and Carol’s comments have motivated me to add my two cents.

    The term or label “latino” or “latina” is a rather loose term, but generally, it refers to those of ethnic backgrounds that are from countries with Latin language roots. Spanish, Portuguese, even Italian among others. Latinos/as from Latin countries are brown, white,and black. So, really, the use of “Latinas” in those statistics is a misnomer. Probably what they should have used is ‘brown’. So as you can see…it’s complicated.

    People like me are complaining about whitewashed runways because it’s simply WRONG on many levels. And if no one speaks up, nothing will ever change.

  9. The diversity issue is a problem, but it is not as simple as saying that more ethnic models should be booked. You also have to account for the designer’s creative vision, this is not a factory job that should be assigned based on the model’s ethnicity or skin color and some equal opportunity formula.

    In the end it is about the creative view point of the designer, and if you do not agree with it or you can’t relate to it then the best thing to do is to not buy the clothes.

    Many fashion designers have been way ahead of the curve in terms of pushing people of color (think YSL) in roles that were unthinkable at the time, but this is a political and societal issue, not a fashion one.

    I am convinced to the younger generation of designers, photographers, casting directors, editors, etc… this will be a complete non-issue, because we are growing up in a far more multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society then the previous generation.

  10. I can say as an African American man (working in the industry) I am fully aware of what racism looks like and clients choosing white models over models of color to suit the needs of their brand, is not it. We as a community need to rise above this “how unfair we have it” dialogue and take ownership of our own strengths and destinies. It does more harm than good and Obama did not get in the White House by whining about how society has “wronged” him as a black man but rather his own merit and accomplishments. And “RACISM” is a big word that is thrown around far too much in this conversation and should be reserved for those who encounter it as a reality not models not being booked for fashion shows. Pulling the “fashion is the only business where people are discriminated on how they look” card is desperate and lame. Fashion is ALL ABOUT how people look, I would expect someone who claims to work in the industry to know this. The client who books the blonde model over the red-head is now RACIST and DISCRIMINATING against red-heads? Why are people not speaking out on behalf of short people? Or overweight people? Those are parts of our society that are not reflected on the runway and why is it that because clients choose to cast white models for their brands they are considered RACIST?? I’m tired of this word which holds so much historically for our community being thrown around when discussing models not booking jobs.

  11. You can be a African-American man who, because he works in the industry, digs his head in the sand so he can live with himself, or you can be a rational, thinking person and realize it’s racism, plain and simple. There’s no excuse for having an all-white cabiine in 2009. There wasn’t in 1989, and it was better then.

    Short, overweight and old people are not models. Young, thin, beautiful are. When you regularly and purposefully eliminate non-white tall, thin and beautiful models, you are racist. That is all.

    Call it your vision, call it your creativity. Yes, it’s YOUR choice. But realize it’s a racist vision, a racist choice and it’s hardly creative. But, hey, you (whether the booker or the client) gets to make that choice, so OWN IT. And don’t be surprised when people call you on it.

  12. Racism shouldn’t be condone, just don’t buy items from designers such as Prada and all the others which discriminate. I enjoyed buying Prada pieces in the past however until they change their discriminating ways I won’t purchase anything from that brand amongst a few others.


    I WOULD TO SEE MORE OF GRACIE CARVALHO, I THINK IS BRAZILIAN, THAN GREAT BECAUSE I’M WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY OVER THE WHITE BRAZILIAN GIRLS, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN EXPECT ALINE WEBER. BUT GIVE SOME DARK BRAZILIANS, DARK MEXICANAS TO WORK THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE..I wish I was a agent, cause there were two mexican girls of African decent in the of South Mexico that were absolutely stunning. I’m telling you outside of the box.!

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