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Tom Pecheux‘s makeup magic is on full display in September’s Vogue Paris. Pecheux creates a series of dramatic looks for Estee Lauder face Constance Jablonski as she travels through the streets of Paris. The story is simple and captivating, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin‘s colorful photographs present a vibrant view of Pecheux’s artistry as well as Constance’s beauty. Even though it is not the focus of the story, Carine Roitfeld‘s styling is wonderful – the Dior Joaillerie and Buccellati diamonds are used to great effect.

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  1. Constance looks like a man again i can’t stand her i much prefer Toni Garrn more feminine looking and sophisticated as well

  2. I absolutely love how beautiful Constance is. She has always looked great and wonderful.

    I hope joining the Estee Lauder team will not mean less of Constance and Liu on the runways like in the case of Hilary Rhoda.

  3. @ irish, i don’t see it but she must be a very beautiful man. And Toni’s time is apparently over…

  4. I hate this whole so and so “looks like a man” thing, I’ve seen this comment about a thousand times here on various posts and it is continuously irksome. Since when is looking androgynous a bad thing? There are so many models who can look male or female depending on the shot Omahyra, Agyness, Stella, Eleonora Bose, the list goes on. I am tired of people equating feminine looks with good modeling, because the two things do not depend on each other. Feminine =/= good model, pretty =/= good model, busting your ass and bringing it in front of the camera are the only things that matter as far as I’m concerned and Constance is GIVING IT.

    That said, I’m not even seeing how Constance looks anything but ubergirly in these. If she is a man then I am not even going to ask what the rest of female society is.

  5. She reminds me of Caroline Murphy in the first photo but I don’t like the third one, though, tourists pose like that.

  6. This is an exellent example of the reason why I ALWAYS buy vogue Paris in stead of the American Vogue.
    Parce que moi, j’aime Paris! 🙂

  7. @ anlabe
    She does look like Anna J, but distinctively edgier. One of the best newcomers, along with Ashley Smith and Elisa Sednaoui.

  8. Constance is growing on me. The first picture would’ve sufficed, the second should’ve been cut out and the third is ehh. But I love the intense look she wears in the first picture, it really shows through her eyes. I also love the kind of raunchiness she delivers in the third picture. It’s good :]

  9. Constance looks like anything BUT a man. She looks like a very beautiful woman. I think many here are still caught up in the cutesy alien/pre-teen look. If a model isn’t “cute”, then they look like a man. ::rolls eyes::

  10. She is very beautiful but her face can not carry off extreme makeup half as well as other models. She is completely stunning though.

  11. Right on Janelle!

    Alot of women do look rather masculine – but so what?!
    Heck, they do have fathers…. go figure!
    Beautiful face is beautiful face.

    Constance is looking really gorgeous. She’s riding The Seine straight to the top no doubt.

    I love that she is not another empty beauty. There is life and intent behind her eyes. T’is a woman.

  12. Is she related to Jacquelyn J.?
    I can´t think of an actual defined line between man looking and woman looking and androgynous style IS sooo powerful. I neither understand why hard worker models get verbally punished for their looks, it’s not their fault if they get paid to embody fashion, plus it would be so boring if everybody looked the same.

  13. isn’t it weird…? til this day, i can’t tell who’s Constance and Anna J. i’ve never had such a difficult time recognizing models before… maybe someone could help me out here…

    i think Constance is quite a beauty… but it’s a beauty that’s slightly more commercial – that i find a bit boring… and her editorials have been wek-wek-wek… including this one… however, her runway presence is quite a stunning one… 😉

  14. I think she is truly beautiful but doesn’t show in some of her pics, at the beginning I didn’t think she was that beautiful but now that I’ve seen more of her, she really is a beauty, such unique features, a perfect face.

    And her face does not look manly, whoever got that idea..

    Remember when Csrolyn Murphy started out, she wasn’t considered the classic beauty she is considered today, not even Amber Valletta.. The beauty was always there, just embellished with whatever trend was going on at the moment, just like Constance. You’ll see in a few years.

  15. The Face!!! You can put anything on her face and she looks beautiful.
    The whole musculine thing s funny, can’t say she looks like a man but a beautiful transsexual. I watched Miss Universe 2010 last night and most of the beautiful girls did look like transsexual.

    Androgynous=Beauty when you can look good as a man or a woman. This is a fashion world.

  16. yes! Tom Pecheux is one of my favourite makeup artists.
    had the honour of being on the same stage as him in Tokyo back in 1997 and met him again in Singapore a few years after.
    he was nice and not a snob.

    Pat McGrath was a sweetie too! she was so chatty and warm!

  17. Lola: “I neither understand why hard worker models get verbally punished for their looks, it’s not their fault if they get paid to embody fashion, plus it would be so boring if everybody looked the same.”

    This statement should be permanently posted at forums such as The Fashion Spot.

    Truth is, in the end, the truly dedicated and hard-working models WILL be remembered and recognized. I believe that in the long term, their careers will flourish and be remembered. The internet fans will continue to smash and bash their personal “opposition” because they want their own faves to succeed, no matter the level of talent (or lack of)…but the industry (photographers, stylists, editors, make-up artists, etc) KNOW who is really good and who is not. And it’s those that are REALLY good that make it to the fashion history books. Models such as Veruschka, Evangelista, Werbowy, etc., will be recognized FOREVER. The latter two will always get flak for their odd noses but no one can deny that they are two of the best models that have ever posed before a camera.

    No matter how you look, no matter how many flaws you have (or the public thinks you have), work at perfecting your talent and you’ll succeed.

  18. @ meercat- I agree with you when you say all models should not look the same, but lets face it, not all hard working models become successful. In fact, some of the world’s top models don’t even like modelling. Jamie Bochert only models to support herself, but she would much rather have a music career.

  19. She is exquisite! She is a beautiful young woman and I do not understand why being beautiful is such a big deal.

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