Mert. Marcus. Iris.

Collaboration is the essence of fashion. The right pairing of photographer and model can create unforgettable work. The standout team so far this year has been that of  Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott & Iris Strubegger. Fresh off the heels of their stellar Vogue Paris cover / editorial the trio re-teams for Vogue Italia. With her sculptural features and newly shorn locks Iris is made for the sleek Mert & Marcus aesthetic. She shines in the the striking black and white editorial that highlights the season’s most dynamic pieces. Chloe’s flowing jumpsuit never looked better, nor have Givenchy’s graphic black and white pants, Iris elevates the pieces, taking them to the next level with her unique brand of chic.

Image Credit | Scan by Diciassette at tFS

  1. Very impressive editorial! And reminiscent of Max Vadukul’s “Cartoone” editorial from the August 1989 issue of Vogue Paris.

  2. im not trying to stablish any kind of odd comparison, but heres a tip for the editors in charge of the big magazines…
    Iris looks like a real supermodel of the ´90s. Why, instead of using ALWAYS this newbie in the biz (Iris), dont you get the REAL ONE, that true beauty from the supermodel era called Kristen McMenamy? Shes with DNA right now, along with Nadja and Linda! You guys should check their website call Kristens agents and give the girl some work!


    ps: i love Iris, i wrote this whole thing because i really adore Ms McMenamy and want her to make a big comeback!

  3. Is not about come backs. Iris is on fire no wonder Mert & Marcus love her and her knocking on her door, those who aren’t on fire they should just chill. Iris is here to stay and I love it! I can’t get enough of her elegant chiseled face. More Iris please!

  4. the flower bulb shape, so 70’s it’s certainly disappointing. I suppose tomorrow we’ll all be on disco and Afros while we’re at it.

  5. WOW! the first pic is legendary. Congrats to the team and to Iris. This editorial is one of the best this year if not the best so far.

  6. While Iris Teutonic Body is impeccable, she doesnt have that Killer face of Kristen McMenammy.

    I say give Kristen some work! Her Face and Body is Fashion Alternative itself!

  7. She is sooo impressive, and I agree with Hill – the pics are legendary.
    I love these incredible and misterious science-fiction look that she represents together with the story.

    Iris on Mars, Iris from outer space…

  8. this girl!lol!

    truly an icon in the making its Kristen Mckemeny and Kristen Owen little sister. she is great.

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