Woman In Uniform

Does Natasha Poly make a good drill sergeant? The waifish Russian model takes Jamie Dornan through basic training for Terry Richardson‘s racy Vogue Paris’ story where the line between commanding officer and dominatrix are all but blurred.ย  Emmanuelle Alt styles Natasha in a mix of mountie hats and McQueen as she puts Jamie through the wringer making him do what looks like the workout from hell. Do you like this rather campy tale of love and push-ups? Let us know!

  1. If someone can give me a good reason for the nudity I will pay them $100. This isn’t fashion- it’s softcore porn. And btw- Terry Richardson is NOT that great. Anybody with an iPhone and a penis can shoot like he does.


  2. Um. What kind of lame-o wimpy porn are you guys watching? Just because we see one tiny nipple doesn’t mean it is porn. Showing some skin isn’t anything big, you see more exposed flesh on an episode of True Blood.

    This editorial would be more fun if Jamie got naked. If anything this needed more nudity. Equal opportunity nakedness!!

  3. I agree with Jenna, this is far from porn. To me, it’s sad that we have to equate a bared breast with porn.

  4. that’s right Jenna, MissB is obviously from some middle of nowhere place like Wisconsin if she finds this to be offensive. Maybe her past-time is better spent cow tipping than critiquing fashion editorials.

  5. i love this ed so much, not her best but a good good editorial, and her with Jamie is a great couple ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m all for nudity for the sake of fashion, but this is just stupid nudity. It doesn’t contribute to the story at all for me.

  7. Ha! I don’t find it offensive at all. What I find it is boring & pointless. This is NOT a fashion editorial. I’m not sure what it is that you do for a living crybaby but clearly it has nothing to do with the fashion industry.

  8. i just think missb was saying the nudity is everywhere and not really necessary. i agree but i also really love this ed.

  9. Very disappointing…the concept’s not bad,but the styling, photography, and [sigh] even Natasha here are simply underperforming.If this is all that Vogue Paris has come up with for September, then Carine and Emmanuelle badly need a vacation to refresh their perspectives.

  10. Dear crybaby,
    If you think that Wisconsin is “some middle of nowhere place,” you are the one with a limited view on reality. I am originally from the Midwest and I know plenty of people who would think this editorial is amazing. In fact, my home state of Minnesota is known for being progressive and artsy and would probably elect Terry Richardson as governor if given the chance!
    Charlotte, originally from Minneapolis

  11. MissB does make a point in this editorial not being good at all. I mean Nathasha Poly was cast and it did nothing, if anything the editorial makes her look amateur. But I don’t agree about the nudity comment. I’m a fan of nudity, especially people who make it look good and effortless. Jenna….yes, thank you for commenting on the need for Jamie to be naked ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. It really does look like porn.
    You could just envision the storyline.
    Insipid and pointless. A great ideahas been ruined by poor vision.
    I didn’t used to mind terry but his work is becoming vulgar, and his style is basic. A good camera could do what he does. Even the setting is porn-like.

  13. I thing so too :)) MsB n Raquel together … DANG !! I cant imagine that !! but for sure they rock the fashion world !

  14. It does look a bit silly, remember those old Betty Page pics.. that kind of silliness. Not her fault, she’s a fine model, the first and last pics are great.

  15. And I don’t have a problem with the nudity here, some nudity in fashion IS pointless, but this is good. I’m a straight woman so I’m not looking at the pics just staring at her chest, I think a topless model shows off a pair of pants or a jacket perfectly, I think it’s the best way to do it because the focus is on whatever clothes she has on.. I don’t know if someone understands what I’m trying to say lol

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