1. I like it but it need something more than black and white. Kate looks great but its boring. I have seen it before, the first shoot is AMAZING THO!

  2. Excited? Honestly, no. Another model, yes. I’ve had enough of Kate Moss to last the rest of my lifetime.

  3. If this isn’t amazing…
    She looks nothing short of sensational.

    The Top models are all looking so lively as of late.

    Due to this edit, I am more excited for the potential new work that may present itself for this refined Master.

    She lives yet.

  4. Boring, boring. I’m so sick of her, Daria and Raquel. Vogue Paris, Vogue UK, Vogue US. There’s always one of them.

  5. Sorry Nigel S. But Kate is Boring me now….even she looks bored here…

    Freja Is Hot right now, and Lara S has been filling the void for Kate.

    She lives, yes. She needs a long vacation.

  6. Not bad but not great. She has been around for years so no suprise with these photos.
    The leather pants are too long for her on the 3rd photo.

  7. I thought that 80’s was so last year? Doesn’t that hair seem a little 80’s?

    But honestly, she is beautiful.

  8. If you’re bored well then that’s just that.

    I was actually quite tired of her a couple of years ago, but I’ve fallen back in love as of late. Kate still maintains a niche filled with adoration.

    She is not so concerned with being relevant or trying to make it up the ranks at this point. However evident that notion may be in her work is certainly subjective.

    She still is “Fashion’s Kate”

  9. Third pic is awful.. let her rest for a while! and she’ll come back looking better, now she just looks boring and bored and it’s not exciting.

  10. such a dull ed!
    this vogue paris issue is so disappointing for september!
    us vogue is so much better! Surprisingly!
    and also i’m really tired of Kate Moss!!

  11. i think that if there s some 1 to blame s the photography due.. who lack in ideas…kate s to die 4 in those images.. the hair s hot…styling could have been way better but this s the problem with those huge names.. they r all bored.. they had everything already n nothing to desire

  12. I’m suspicious of all the “I love Kate ” posters. Do they really feel that or it’s just “fashionable”to say so? (And by fashionable, circa late 90’s and 2008)…..

    anyhoo…. There’s a lot of Fresh blood out there waiting to be discovered. Let’s give them a break or the spotlight, shall we???

  13. The problem here, of course, is that we’ve all seen this before. Nothing is new nor fresh.

  14. Sooo Sandre Dee on Grase and also reminds me of Michelle Pfeifer song ” Sool Rider” in Grease 2…

  15. First pic is an interesting expression (for her). The others are kinda lame. Third one is so bad that I’m surprised it made it.

    I never thought I’d get sick of Kate but she’s done such great work for so long that stuff like this just seems unnecessary and dull. Waste of valuable space.

  16. I love Kate Moss. The first two shots are interesting because of the fact that she looks like someone else other than herself. As for the editorial, boring, and the clothing look boring. Inez and Vinoodh can do better, I feel.

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