1. I will tell you Nina, as someone who is getting older, I’m finding the shape of my face (and my nose) is changing as I get older..


  2. Milla is one of the most smartest and business savy women in the industry. Her sone “Gentleman who fell” is one of my Top 3 song of all time. It’s dark and haunting but once you get it, you get a kick out of it…..

  3. I went to itunes and download all her songs from her Debut Album “Milla” again. as i posted above, I love it so much…Milla actually wrote the songs she performed with guitar….This lady is brilliant, you can get all her insights through her songs which are timeless and you can listen over and over…..BRILLIANT!!!

  4. She has got to be one of the most incredibly dynamic people in the fashion industry.
    Always creative & inspiring.
    Milla forever 😉
    All hail.

  5. I would love to see this kind of model rise again.
    Beauty, persoanlity and true talent in front of the camera.

  6. mischa-thank gawd she’s no Moss. who the hell would want to be kate moss? ugh. Milla looks great.

  7. I think it is the way they did her eyes that makes her look so different. She has always been my favorite, and still looks great!

  8. Finally someone who is totally unique – she can be recognized even if they completely change her looks. She’s the best! 🙂

  9. Milla is the best thing in “The Perfect Getaway” the movie kicked as, with a good twist. Milla is good in that movie!

    The movie is way better than GI Joe.

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