An Unusual Woman

Karl Lagerfeld knows his fashion history, so when he pays tribute to one of his idols it is sure to make for a special editorial. In the latest Bazaar Karl recreates the look of socialite Daisy Fellowes, who was known for her exquisite beauty, effortless chic and eccentric lifestyle. With her dramatic features Iris Strubegger is the perfect choice for the role of Daisy and Brana Wolf‘s elegant styling captures the glamour of society dress in the 1930s-40s, but it is Karl’s affection for Daisy’s legacy that really comes through in the pictures.

Image Credit | Scans by teacakes @ tfs

  1. Iris reminds me so much of the 90’s and other earlier era models.
    This is a very. very good ed of her.

  2. Gorgeous. Iris is such a beautiful and unusual being.. as it’s been repeatedly stated and will be until the end of time.

    You have a better chance of getting struck by lighting the same spot… before cracking the enigmatic code that is Iris.

    And everything..The Best indeed and there’s just no two ways around that.
    Natasha on September’s Numero is testament to his continued and ever expanding genius, in accordance with all that FIT President Dr. Joyce F. Brown has stated in jubilance regarding his Honor.

  3. She does have that aristocratic/socialite air..very elegant, I just think the images are sort of repetitive, not really a story here.

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