Meet Mark! (updated)

Male model icon Mark Vanderloo has proven himself to be the epitome of a long distance runner in his relationship with the DKNY brand. Which is why you really should pop by Bloomingdale’s (59th Street location) to meet Mr Vanderloo in person tomorrow March 4th from 1-2pm at the launch for DKNYMEN the newest fragrance from the line. Expect Mark to be eminently charming.

  1. Like somebody said “Men’s selling men’s stuff” this guy is the real thing, not those kids trying to sell mens products.

  2. Where’s Mark Vanderloo the incredible sex on leggs guy??? Goshh he doesn’t look the same anymore what a shame!!,(((

  3. I met Mark again at the Wilhelmina offices recently. He was exactly as I remembered…very charming and kind. That’s what it takes to have true longevity in this business.

  4. a friend of mine happens to know him, she swears this guy has no attitude and acts like he is not a celebrity…

  5. To Elvire:
    We just interviewed him at this event and he’s as sexy, charming and charismatic as ever. He doesn’t look the same anymore which is a normal and good thing. Are models not supposed to age?

    I think he’s evolving into an incredibly handsome man that gives off a vitality and shows life experience in his face that makes him infinitely more attractive to the public than some 16 year old selling a men’s fragrance.


  6. To Betty: So then may be I should meet him in order to realize how sexy, charming & charismatic he is…!,D of course men models are supposed to age but I am talking about Mark and in my opinion, on this pic probably due to photoshop he is not Mark Vanderloo anymore too fake again I am not talking about his age …he looks as if it was another “nice” guy but not the icone he is.

    Let’s wait for the next campaign!,))

  7. I think Mark is stunning looking. However, isn’t it time that we have a new pack of models? I am so tired of seeing the same faces in the DKNY campaign. What will they do next….. bring back that Ester chick???? They need a new image. I’m bored!

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