Paying Tribute

Boo George captures the essence of the menswear trend in a stunning editorial for LOVE; with a style that echos Peter Lindbergh‘s iconic 80s work and dapper styling courtesy of Anders Solvsten Thomsen, the story nails the look. Hannah Holman , Felix Branch and Dree Hemingway perfectly convey the androgyny the editorial requires, while adding just the right amount of individuality to their shots.

  1. i just ‘loooove’ it when photographers decide to “pay tribute” to others of their own kind.
    Peter Lindbergh´s work is amazing and there will be no other images able to evoke the timelessness of his ´80s pictures.
    ‘Paying tribute’ sounds more like copying because there´s no inventiveness nowadays, only lack of inspiration. See it fow yourselves, the original, inimitable pictures:

  2. I believe you can be a fan of the greats, such as Lindbergh. But in order to become great yourself, you need to bring something new to the table.

    So bored of everything looking so meh.

    Love Hannah and Dree. But this is not Lindbergh, and leaves you with a feeling of.. well, nothing really.

  3. I thought these boo george photos were fine. until I looked at the original Lindbergh ones and this Love story just fails in comparison.

    Just look at the INCREDIBLE hair in the Lindbergh photos and the expressions in the girls faces. Everything about those shots is rad.

    Sad to say but this new interpretation looks really average. Looking forward to seeing the whole issue though. The covers look sweet

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