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The first slot at Prada is arguably the most coveted position on the runways of Milan. Every season one girl stands out from the back to snag the opening of Miuccia Prada’s show and this season the honor went to Independent Models London’s newcomer Katlin Aas, a fresh faced beauty from Estonia. Doing double duty as the opener and closer of the show Katlin is sure to grab the attention of fashion’s foremost – keep an eye out for her come campaign season.

Images courtesy of Independent Models

Katlin Aas opening and closing Prada F/W 09 – Image courtesy of Catwalking

  1. Boring… and I bet that because most comments have been negative so far (on thefashionspot etc), people like Meisel will go nuts about her. Sometimes non-hype and lack of mass appeal can do wonders for a girl. Because in some twisted way, that makes her exclusive and avantgarde, only a select few understand her appeal. Or so they like to flatter themselves anyway. She really is average looking.

  2. Prada is Prada, but in the future, if they go for European as they usually do, I wish they would go closer to the Mediterranean – darker and curvier. Yes, this Katlin is a total yawn fest.

  3. Fashion seems to be paying respect to past efforts. With the Prada Group also owning Jil Sander – who showed a collection with an homage to the classic Jil Sander, it is no surprise Miuccia too looked to pay respect to where she came from before we go further.

    I think it was meant to be boring. Look at the world around us and the extravagance we sees everyday. Why Construct more for a world we should be trying to Conserve?

  4. Whoa. I am officially over waiting to see who opens Prada.
    This is so disappointing.
    It’s time for someone else to take the torch of most coveted show.

  5. They are just looking for someone who is different to what has gone before, it’s not really anything magical about HER per se.. just that we have had the large , blue eyed conventional beauty of the Anna Maria Jagodinska types, she has (dyed her) hair dark, darker smaller eyes, deep set eyes and a less obvious prettiness.. she looks a little tough and thuggish on the runway… rather than angelic.. i noticed they did not have the angelic girls from their campaign Toni, Anna etc

    Funny thing is that there doesn’t sem to be the same criticism of the “too white” runways this time , even tho most of the girls are white still, they just dyed their hair darker or stopped putting in blond highlights but they’re still the same girls… but no one cares, just because there aren’t so many blondes,
    i have seen this girls polaroids and she previously WAS blond ..

  6. Surprisingly…boring. I wouldn’t mind so much with the boring girls and boring clothes, but the lighting and make-up makes the girls look like ugly corpses! It has been getting worse and worse the last few seasons.

  7. Well..boring face, but what surprised me was from the picture, she looks healthy,not like recent top models, which almost all of them are way too skinny

  8. I didn`t like her..she says nothig to me…
    let`s see if she is good enough to chnage all the opinions about her. only time and works done by her will tell

  9. You guys have to give it a break with the “boring” comments.. if you’re just going to say what a lot of people have said already, then we’re not going to post it, because it would be “BORING” to read!!!! If you have something intelligent (and not nasty) to ADD to the conversation, however, please post it away.

    Oh by the way, keep in mind that this is a young lady who is a human being who has feelings too. I’m sure a lot of you are quite “boring” looking yourself, put yourself in someone else’ place for once!!

    She must have indeed have a special quality if Russell chose her and Miuccia/Olivier had her not only open but CLOSE! as well; a feat not achieved by many models at all. I for one think she has incredible eyes, great bone structure and a very cool nose.. Try to see the positive for once all you glass half empty people!


  10. Yes you are right betty but there are some many other beautiful models out there that could have been a better pick and me and many other people are tired of seeing the same kinda of girl get all the good jobs model is a hard industry and i am sure this is not the first time this young girl has been judged on her looks and it is for sure not the last. i just would be more happy if the had picked a girl with a different look to show different kind’s of beauty

  11. I dont see how shes boring?

    She has an amazingly fresh face. Perfect skin, amazing eyes and I love the structure of her face. She looks healthy and glowy.

    Love this girl.

  12. her mouth + facial structure reminds me of ali stephens… i agree that she may look a little “boring” compared to a face like cat, sasha, tanya. but she’s defenitely a very beautiful girl! model material for sure.
    just the fact she was the “glorious opener” (and aparently also closer) of prada this season throws me off a bit. don’t get the point why?
    i’m very excited about her future now anyways!

  13. She was blond like 2 years ago. She had to paint her hair to her natural colour, when her agency found her. I think that she’s not borin at all!

  14. I think that she has a beautiful face and she’s really fresh. I’m actually glad that she opened at closed Prada because this is the beginning of her career and although there are lots of girls like her, she still stands out. I hope that there are big things coming for her and I’ll definitely keep my eye on her!

  15. 99.9% of the models r avarage looking..what makes them special..r the ones able to see what they r able to become..n of course this s not for evrybody…
    she s specila just like once again the Prada show..but thank God..certains things r notfor everybody

  16. yeah i am tired of the boring comments as well, no such comments when she opened Christopher Kane or did super well in London, but she opened prada and it has been raining negativity since. I guess that is the territory that comes with opening Prada.

  17. I think it’s Prada’s lack of diversity with their model choices that gets people’s goat. Don’t blame the model, please.

    Prada has always positioned itself as an intellectually conservative label – and the implication is that by not choosing more, say, black girls, that they do not fit in with their interpretation of what is “intellectual”.

    There I said it.

  18. Actually, I find it fascinating just how many people thought she was boring, but we must not forget that she (or family & friends) may actually read this…
    Apologies Katlin. Stay strong and ignore all the negative comments. Best of luck with the rest of your career.

  19. Actally Katlin has read it. And i’m her friend, and I think these ‘boring’ comments are funny. Because she’s not boring, and she’s so beautiful. 🙂

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