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Knoepfel & Indlekofer‘s create a world that mixes the ladylike fashions with youthful insouciance for Vogue Germany. Styled by Nicola Knels and featuring Ylonka Verheul, Melissa Tammerijn and Marlena Szoka, the story showcases fall’s put together pieces from pastel suits to scallop edged minis. The girls look perfect in their ensembles and the dreamy atmosphere created by Knoepfel and Indlekofer serves as the perfect compliment to the clothes.

  1. Ok that just did it. I think both Ylonka and Melissa are ready for the big guns. Very impressive editorial, check the whole thing, it’s flawless.

  2. I’ve thinking about it and yeah I do agree Ylonka should be ranked,she also got Max&Co I think.Ylonka should be ranked!

  3. I think this is one of the best stories I’ve seen lately, I love Melissa T, love her cheekbones!!!

  4. Ohh Marlena is such a beauty, and Ylonka rocks, her look is really fresh, not your typical blonde model.

  5. Great story, great casting, 3 different and unique girls who all work well together. Bravo German Vogue.

  6. Sorry Virginia. I am unfamiliar with you.
    I wouldn’t of said such if I didn’t mean such.
    Nice images none-the-less.

  7. I agree with Nigel who speaks his mind. The girls’ hair and makeup are meant to be similar. Editorials featuring several models never intend to showcase the individuality of each model, but to demonstrate a harmony among the models and the clothes. So Nigel’s comment should not be necessarily taken as a negative one.

  8. Opp I guess you haven’t read half of Nigel’s previous posts that are mostly negative and not actually constructive… Opp I agree that yes often multiple girl editorials will use same hair / styling and will pick models that work well together but to say that you cannot tell these 3 girls apart is beyond me…

  9. Virginia…
    Please…do enlighten us.
    Which of my posts are negative?

    I’ve been commenting on this site for damn near 10 years.. hundreds of comments from which a handful may be rather harsh.

    “Mostly negative and not actually constructive”?? You’re delusional babe. It’s either that or you’re confusing me with someone else.

    Stating that the girls can barely be differentiated is nothing negative. You might want to look that word up again before throwing shade hun.

  10. Virginia & Nigel, could you both bitchslap each other outside of the classroom please.This space is reserved for fawning over alien-like gorgeous models, thanx.
    PS Nigel; dont get your panties twisted, your opinion matters as much as Virginia’s. PPS Virginia; guuurl?!

    Have I mentioned Ylonka’s approaching superstar status already? ugh she rocks.

  11. Leave Nigel S. alone!

    Hey Nige, Do you get paid by for posting??? I want to know.


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