The September Issues Pt. 2

September’s issues keep flooding in and each one brings something special to the table, here is a look at a few more fall fashion magazines guaranteed to catch your eye on the newsstand. Let us know which ones are your favorite!

Liu Wen snags the debut issue of Numero China with two stellar covers. Note that this is the first Numero debut issue that doesn’t feature Kate Moss, a major coup for Liu and a great salute to the incredible fashion talent in China.

September’s Vogue Russia is a bittersweet affair, it is the final issue under the direction of editor Aliona Doletskaya. As always the cover is phenomenal, with Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott shooting Natalia Vodianova in their signature surrealist style.

Vogue Germany goes for high energy with a great shot of a logo covered Constance Jablonski, by Greg Kadel. The shopping theme gets right to the point and Constance shines in multiple editorials inside the magazine itself.

For Part 1 of our September Issues coverage, click here.

  1. i love all the covers!! especially natalia’s cover and liu’s second cover!! I really hope liu cracks the top ten after this (fingers crossed)!!

  2. @Josh, that wouldn’t be fair for other models who have more work. Okay, she has a lot of editorial work (not yet in very big magazines, despite her debut in vogue us this month) but where are her campaigns?? I guess she suffers, like other asian and black models (no offense), the Uniqlo/Gap-curse. (look at Tao, Shu pei, Sessilee, Du Juan and Chanel Iman). I already think see to high. Let’s hope she gets some high profile campaigns in the near future.

    Love them all

  3. Liu Wen…WOW…major coup indeed! And thank goodness, no Kate Moss. China is beocoming a powerhouse in so many ways.

  4. Natalia Vodianova is absolutely the best cover, one of her best
    Natalia is a STAR and she has one of the best face in all the fashion industry, the other cover are ridicolus in front of Natalia’s cover 🙂

  5. i think this is also simon robins’ last issue as fashion director at russian vogue. can’t forget his contribution to the magazine’s look.

  6. @ anlabe- liu was in the ck white label campaign, as well. Also, if we are basing this on campaigns, then Eniko should no longer be in the top ten because she has no campaigns this season.

  7. Vogue germany with constance was so refreshing and kinda fun and not expected and i loved it, the other ones felt like repeats!

  8. I wish Liu Wen could get some top brands AD besides Estee Lauder as well, but unfortunately she’s no where to be seen and I don’t think she did CK white label this season either,
    and her place is absolutely too high comparing to others that have done so much better such as magdalena ,Anna selezneva,sigrid,even new girls valerija,kirsi etc. Until she scores top magazines covers(we are talking about US vogue, VP, VI, french Numéro, i-D and something equal),she’ not suitable for that high level this year

  9. @ Josh, you mean ck Calvin Klein, LAST season. But she has no campaigns yet this season, besides Estee Lauder.
    She deserves a place in top 50, but i think 30 is sufficient. But in my opinion girls should be ranked down/out AFTER all the campaigns are out, because otherwise they will be replaced and problably never come back. But if some girls will be replaced, replace Irina, Ranya and Julia H (girls who have no work anymore) for Caroline B N, Ann Kenny and Ylonka. And as mentioned above, girls like Valerija, Daria, Mirte and Kirsi have done much more work, especially Valerija. A few models (Anabela, Irina) have so many a list campaigns in their first season.

  10. BTW, Eniko has campaigns, but not really big ones and they aren’t posted yet. Besides, she has done more and better work. Natasha doesn’t have any campaigns either, but MDC would be out of their mind to rank her out (although i think Sasha needs to be higher than her)

  11. @Ollie you are completely forgetting that minority models are forced to be judged on a different playing field when it comes to fashion and luxury products. Note that all the girls you named are of the Caucasian persuasion…it’s a case that FASHION has to take notice and modify. Consider the last minority models that have actually graced the covers you speak of? Jourdan for US Vogue last year, Rose for VP (Where is she now??), Black issue two years ago for VI, Sessilee WITH Toni for Numero. Naomi recently for i-D, but she’s an absolute staple for them. Where are the Asians at ALL?

    Also, the epitome of high fashion for a girl IS a long-term beauty contract (Especially one as prestigious as EL), not a season of Armani, Kenzo, or even Prada ads. Consistency and lasting power are the true units of measure.

  12. @anlabe You’re completely underestimating the true impact of a beauty contract on a girl, especially in terms of today’s economy where absolutely nothing pays great amounts to a girl other than that kind of a business relationship. Moreover, consider the actual numerical impact that a Chinese model will have on a product’s potential Chinese market (An economy that, as recently reported as yesterday, has grown to #2 in the world and is chasing the tail of the US), and you may understand why Liu Wen is ranked as high as she is. Even as immersed as we are into fashion, we should not forget that it’s actually a business as well. Exposure does not always mean success.

  13. @anlabe Or think about it this way: At this rate, Liu Wen is basically dubbed as THE world representative of almost 2 billion people, aka 1/3 of the world. No other model on the MDC top 50 can say that.

  14. @ Kay, but don’t you think we should treat every model equally? Then this current top 50 is inaccurate in my opinion. I know a beauty campaign is a big deal, but who knows her contract may end after one year or so. And then? She should the be at 11, with no campaigns? Besides, a black or asian model isn’t that shocking anymore, whe see them in campaigns, VS runway, regular runway, beauty campaigns etc. I know caucasian models dominate the fashion industry, but do you really think black/asian models need to be treated better than caucasians? Well, i don’t think so, especially when MDC is considered to be leading. And I know money is important, but i don’t think the list is based on moneymaking, but on results in High Fashion. Should Chanel, Sessilee, Tao, Liu and Shu Pei be still that high, judging their ‘results in High Fashion’? (why is Shu Pei ranked at all, and not Ming Xi with a Givenchy campaign?)

  15. And nothing against Liu, i love her and i’m glad she reached a lot (first asian model for VS runway AND Estee Lauder).

  16. @anlabe Now you’re talking about the overall subjectivity of the rankings, not actual business or image impact. No one should be treated differently at all…I was merely referring to Ollie’s comparison of those like Anna S and Magdalena to the minority models, when the obstacles that face them are completely different. And as my responses to you, all I’m saying is that Liu Wen’s impact IN PARTICULAR upon the entire industry of fashion IS now bigger than most others ranked behind her. You’re just observing her situation with a limited scope.

    “Besides, a black or asian model isn’t that shocking anymore, we see them in campaigns, VS runway, regular runway, beauty campaigns etc.”

    If it isn’t so shocking, why is it such a big deal that Vogue US September issue was so diverse (Almost forcibly so)? Why is it the first appearance by an Asian model (Liu Wen) in the magazine in who knows how long? Can you name a HIGH FASHION (e.g. not Gap) campaign in the Fall season that has a minority model other than Givenchy (Or Gucci Pre-fall with Joan)? And which minority has a major beauty campaign other than Liu Wen and Arlenis? Why does Arlenis only have one ad that has actually been published in magazines, whereas the ads with Daria, Elettra, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, etc. are everywhere? VS =/= High fashion, although I will always commend them for being diverse.

    Those are all questions I would love answers to, but neither you nor I have them. But alas, I have digressed too far for this post…

  17. @anlabe And I would argue that MDC probably knows more about the actual details about Liu Wen’s EL contract than you or me, no?

  18. @anlabe I’m sorry but your statement of “treated better” is pretty absurd…when have minority models who’re not named Naomi and arguably Tyra been treated even equally??? I would say however that has been one of the few outlets in fashion that have consistently and fairly covered diversity in modeling over the years. And if there is indeed a little bias, I personally welcome it.

    but anyway, I love all the covers in this post. Each one has its unique qualities and seems to understand its target audience 🙂

  19. anlabe says:but don’t you think we should treat every model equally?
    The whole industry didn’t treat black or asia model equally at all. And now you are talking about this! How funny

  20. I completely agree with John, Milly and Kay. Anlabe, how can you say that Liu should be ranked 30? For an asian model pestered by fashion’s HUGE favor for white models, she’s done a heck of a job. In this industry, you just can’t treat everyone equally, because nothing IS equal. I guarantee you, if Liu was Caucasian, she’d be getting tons more covers and campaigns. I know you say you are in support of her and whatnot, but please come to reality with the nature of the industry and realize that if everything was indeed done “equally” by campaigns, cover numbers etc etc, then a huge majority of the non-white models would be way behind, if not, not even on the list despite all that they’ve accomplished in the restraint of race. Now that’s not very fair is it?

  21. Liu Wen is gorgeous, the second cover is a beauty..

    The Natalia V cover is nothing new.

    And I absolutely love Constance, why isn’t she a regular at American Vogue?? It’s just weird, she’s such a Vogue girl.

  22. Now I see the Isabeli/Constance resemblance, it sounds so silly because they couldn’t be more different physically, yet their facial features are very similar.. weird.

  23. I know black and asians are in the minority in HF, and I know Liu Wen has reached a lot (as far as Du Juan and Hye Park didn’t already do that..) and has worked hard, but other models in the industry too, and they vanished. From the thousands of models in the world, only a few manage to stay and Liu is amongst them. So in my opinion (i know you all disagree with me, but this is my point of view and you can’t change it so far) the models that remain should be treated equally. These models are still here because their looks and abilities (that’s not my way of thinking, but obviously from the fashion industry), so why not create an accurate list that displays the results of the models now AND in the past. The list would be different.

    And I love MDC, but if they knew so much, why do they only post 1 or 2 articles, 3 campaigns and 4 editorials/covers a day, so that a lot of them aren’t even posted at the end of the season/month. That doesn’t create an accurate list either.

  24. all 3 are good, but the arguement above about Asian models are really childish. yes it’s all good to be diverse bla bla bla, but all i see is still asian girls doing asian magazines and western models are wellcomed to asian magazines, but nothing vise versa. i think the piont is for the world to change first, because the art/fashon world has always wellcomed different beauties, more so now than before, but still, it’s the judgemental world and the mainstream movie world that’s the key for the real change. unless an asian actor can be a mainstream Alister doing blockbuster movies or rom-coms like Anniston, Jolie or Fox and reach top 10 sexy list etc. forget equality!!! i know it sounds sleazy or lame, but that’s the awful truth! fashion world alone doesnt change anything, most ppl outside the industry couldn’t care less about fashion. they’ve never heard of liu wen or even most caucasion top models. they know those few commercially successful models and that’s it, and that’s again the awful truth if we all talking about equality.

  25. @anlabe I would love to know your definition of “treated equally.” And you should be telling that to photographers, editors, and stylists rather than us or MDC, don’t you think? It’s already evident that you’re unaware (Or refuse to be aware) of the circumstances at hand, so I’m not going to waste my time any longer, either.

    MDC is a journalism outlet, not a forum of user-submitted information like The Fashion Spot or Bellazon, which has thousands of members rather than a small paid staff. Asking the site to post every single thing in the industry as news (They already have the campaign/editorial archives which take a ton of work to create and edit…what more do you want?) is identical to asking CNN to report everything that happened in the world everyday. It’s called highlighting the important details.

  26. @anlabe And please…why don’t you make your own top 50 and publish it, then? That way you’ll actually see that a million people will STILL disagree with you nonetheless.

  27. liu wen’s ranking too high for me..she not have major campaigns..and i think she just a good model..but is not muse for designer.
    thats why she walk more shows.dont have open.close and campaigns yet..

  28. @ tony Liu Wen has done a few Opening and close. such as Givenchy fw 10/11
    campaign not many yet, but ck, dkny, el etc

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