New York’s Finest

With New York just wrapped up it’s time to start looking at the official girls of the season. Always on the cusp of the zeitgeist is MDC favorite Daniel Peddle, shares his top picks with Interview Magazine. Among the girls featured are Brazilian stunner Gracie Carvalho, the enigmatic Imogen Morris-Clarke, V/Supreme contest winner Addison Gill and fresh sensation Alexa Yudina. For more of the season’s finest and to find out special tidbits like which girl loves Radiohead and just who is crushing on Robert Pattinson, check out the full story at Interview.

Clockwise : Gracie Carvalho (Marilyn), Imogen Morris Clarke (Next), Addison Gill (Supreme) & Alexa Yudina (Women)

  1. “and just who is crushing on Robert Pattinson”

    And then you’re reminded all over again that they really are just ordinary teenage girls who happen to be genetically gifted. 🙂 Well, some of them, at least.

  2. OMG dejavu! the first one reminds me of Lakshmi, 3rd is channelling coco rocha and the last one looks like gemma ward from that angle

  3. Wow..Gracie reminds so much of Lakshmi..and i love it! They’re both so gorgeous!
    Don’t like Imogen while Addison is quite interesting..even though she’s not my type of beauty.

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