Gisele 101

Gisele Bundchen continues her editorial resurgence with a star powered turn within the pages of Numero. Greg Kadel unleashes the supermodel’s animalistic side for issue 101. In an editorial that crackles with energy Gisele displays her athleticism intensity as she gives the camera all that she’s got in each and every shot.




  1. i really want those heels in the second pic becuz ive seen so many ads of them or at least onces that are similar to those and i want it

    does anyone know who its from?

  2. i`m so happy that gisele is back doing editorials!!!! i`m esctasy every time that i saw a new one. gisele is evrything that u can ask in a model. that`s all.

  3. @ raie: they’re Louis Vuitton. they’re about $3000 a pair so you might want to wait for knock offs from MNG or Zara. but good luck 🙂

  4. Her body is just like hundreds of other 5’11 female models out there, no better. And there are hundreds of models with equally or more attractive faces. Giselle is the product of skillful marketing, just like other over-rated models like kate moss for example.

  5. seems that most of you should keep your uneducated and obviously lack luster opinions confined to your MySpace pages or unvisited blogs..
    Gisele is so much more than a super model.. and as far as her body being like that of others.. i beg to differ..

  6. I agree with Jacobi and I also find Giseles body…especially her belly, too ripped… I like a women with feminine softness that are not so usual amongst models… I think models like Carmen, Doutzen,Lara have more real and attractive body…
    Also I find Gisele quite expressionless…

  7. It is really entertaining to read some comments here.
    “Giselle (yes, double LL, lol) is a product of skillful marketing…”. Yeah, right!
    “And there are hundreds of models with equally or more attractive faces.” >>> that´s true but thing is: NONE OF THEM ARE GISELE and that makes ALL the difference.
    I thought you would like to know.

  8. yeah, Eric. I agree.
    And the funniest thing is that everyone who claim to dislike her can not resist to click on her picture.

  9. This editorial gets 2 thumbs down.

    “Giselle is the product of skillful marketing”

    I have to agree with this but also I have to give the girl more credit. She is always aware of her bodylines and how to sell her product, no matter what it is. She knows how to be sexy, sensual and attractive when the price is right. I am normally not into her Editorials unless they are for Vogue. This one is a mess. I don’t like her hairstyle, as it does not fit her face. I love the outfit in the second photo as well as the make up, but her pose and hairstyle I can surely live without. The third photo just looks sloppy to me. The green short-sleeve sweater and bathing suit top look nice but whatever they put to cover her butt looks like some old woman’s stolen smock. Also the shoes REALLY do not go with those socks.

    This looks like an editorial she would have done in the beginning of career when she was inexperienced. I expect better from her now.


    First of let’s give props to the photographer of this Master Piece.

    GISELE is INCREDIBLE as well!!!

    Great Story, Great Model!!!!

    That’s All

  11. I’m sorry Gisele and Greg, I don’t get this AT ALL… the poses are lame… especially Pic #3… OMG!!!

    Gisele, you’re trying to interpret Prada’s vision, NOT Victoria Secret’s…

    and the hair… sigh…

  12. She is hot but not perfect. She has straight body with big bobs and she does look masculine sometime but this is what the industri wants: UNIQUE although you are not beautiful.I always love Gisele, the only supermodel left in fashion world.

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