Rebell Yell

Liya Kebede is known for he classic beauty and poise on and off the runway, but every so often fashion’s good girl goes bad. Tom Munro takes Liya to the other side for Vogue Italia with an editorial heavy on attitude and energy. With smoky eyeliner,  short hair and an incredible pair of fishnet stockings Liya truly looks like a rockstar. Not only that, she moves like one too; Ms. Kebede’s posing is still among the best in the industry, newcomers take note! This is how you do it.

  1. liya is so pretty! her face is perection in my eyes and its refresshio\ng to see how she could still look perfect with that styling

  2. At the risk of using a word that’s been OVERused, I’m going to say it anyway: FIERCE. Liya should be counted among some of the greatest posers of all time…Veruschka, Linda, etc. No kidding. Love her…and I love THIS!

  3. Absolutely amazing!

    I LOVE Liya! The hair “rocks” darling.

    RE: Peter – That issue is residing on my cocktail table in all its splendor as we speak.

    This is surely some of her better work to date. I am feeling much more emotion and intent from her eyes and body.

    It’s hard to pick a favorite but she is certainly serving it up in the 4th image.

  4. @Nigel

    I love the cover and their shoot inside as well. Although, I noticed that Naomi tried to not get near next to this perfect creature known as Liya, intimidated? lolz

    Liya must be the most Regal and Elegant supermodel their is…… can’t think of anybody else…..

  5. @ Peter. I myself thought the spread appeared rather divisive with Liya standing there all on her lonesome while Iman and Naomi cuddle.

    I’ll refrain from attributing it to Naomi as I am almost certain that she holds great respect for Liya and her humanitarian/model work. It may have been the director’s whim.

    I’d love to see more Liya on the runway soon and hopefully this particular edit will unleash the floodgates, bringing forth high-avante work. Liya is underutilized and fairly underappreciated.

  6. First and last pics are awesome.. They usually feature her in such classic clothes and settings, so this is great!

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