Carmen Class

Carmen Kass represents the kind of icy perfection that makes her a perfect portrait of aspirational luxury. For Vogue Paris Carmen brings her refinement to everyday settings. Maciek Kobielskicaptures Carmen looking languid as she poses with the season’s premier accessories. No matter the setting Carmen maintains her quintessential high class charm.

Carmen Kass by Maciek Kobielski for Vogue Paris | Scan by Diorette

  1. I just LOVED IT!!!!
    Carmen Kass is one of the most amazing models ever. And I think it`s great that models from her generation are still on the market. And VOHUE PARIS IS EVERYTHING. This editorial is incredible, Carmen looks pefect,her face, her body, her poses,the light,angles,well,everything is perfect …Good job!!!!

  2. got to see her but i wanted to see how she, bunchen, riberio, and michels were back in the day. she looks great.

  3. STUNNING! This girl is the definition of class with an edge! Go French Vogue for this one. CARMEN KASS with Karmen Pedaru would be PHENOMINAL FOR SURE!!!!!!!!

    TWO ESTONIAN BEAUTIES in a French Vogue editorial would be amazing!

  4. Wow Carmen Kass is Timeless….She is the Supermodel of All Season!!!!!

    Carms has been around but look at her, her look is still very very current and relevant!

    I love all her Michael Kors Criuse ads too!!!

    Carmen Kass is keeping Cash’n!!!

  5. well Julio, that is tricky… Carmen isn’t in the Linda/Christy/Naomi or Gisele and Kate league…….nowadays they called everybody a Supermodel. Heidi Klum, Supermodel ? yes! Tyra Banks ? Supermodel? Yes! well, tyra and heidi wont even come close to Carmen’s High Fashion Body of work….And Carmen Kass has been around and still working and relevant today and always been a High Fashion staple why deny the B*tch, the title she rightfully deserve?

  6. Absolutely stunning! She’s been in the business for 15 years, is 30, looks like 18, all of her work is high class and admirable –
    For sure she is Supermodel!

  7. she opens her mouth and i immediately tune her out, but one has to give credit where it’s due, and these pics prove that she’s a fist-class editorial girl.

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