Hard Rain

Karen Langley can turn out a great fashion story, even when the clothes are drenched in water. Langley uses her styling skill in the latest Dazed and Confused in Will Davidson‘s water logged tribute to fall’s finery. The story is as gritty as we’ve come to expect from Dazed, but the top notch casting of Lisanne de Jong, Lauren Brown, Ali Carr, Emily Wake and Lia Serge, all sporting hair looks by Shin Arima adds another layer of enjoyment.

Image Credit | Frank Updates & Fashion Gone Rogue

  1. Beautiful photos, but all the boobs was not needed. Seems a bit TOO sexual imo and normally I’m very open minded.
    Besides that, fabulous!

  2. This editorial is beautiful.
    But I think the general view is that people are sick of seeing underage girls. New faces have been over done that now we are turning again to older supermodels and vs angels. They are inspiring, sexy, and what every woman Actually wants to look like.. it’s about time.

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