1. for there first campaign i think its REALLY WEAK. REALLY. I have no understanding of the brand based on this… looks like a models first test shoot. Jus sayin…

  2. Could not be more excited over the use of Ann and Kirby. I really hope Kirby reaches her sister’s status of work, but both of them are so fantastic.

  3. That is some hardcore photoshopping on the first image: they made it look like Ann has practically no waist at all. Awful.

  4. woah. where is Ann’s waist? i would have liked to see what their ads would look like for some of their past collections too.

  5. This works because it’s just so unusual.
    This will do exactly what is intended to do.

    The campaign is sure to sell the brand aesthetic whilst the showroom shelves will need constant replinishing in the speedy process. It is simple yet a very high impact campaign, much like they used to be before all of the current oversaturation. Well done!

    I want the jeans that Tati is wearing oh so well. See? It’s already begun!

  6. Would have preferred just to see Ann, Kirby, then a shot of the two together would be nice.

    Prefer Ann over Kirby but Kirby’s shot is my favorite

  7. Ann is such a great model.. Tati is so versatile too, this girl can do any type of campaign. I think the problem with Kirby is that most of the time they don’t know how to photograph her, so she comes out looking bland and boring.. let Meisel book her for a day or two and see what happens!

  8. Great to this new campaign! Not sure about the first pic though — the attention is drawn to that unusual tiny (overphotoshopped?) waist which could either be perceived as impressive…or disturbing.

  9. omg tati is fucking great ……i love her style ….and she can do everything ….is the girl of the year ….i cant wait for spring summer .she is the best

  10. Love these girls. Hate these ads.

    They look so messy, like a bad test shoot. And Ann’s waist is almost as thin as her arm.

    Sad because they are 3 of my fav girls right now.

  11. @littlebird I don’t think it is photoshopped particularly to make her waist small. Look at her legs and arms. I think she is already very thin, the profile of her hips is showing, with her legs spread out, and her top is twisted toward you, which gives the appearance of great contrast between her hips and her chest. If you are thin, try it in the mirror. I think this is a rather obvious pose that many people are aware of.

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