Painted Ladies

Makeup artist Kabuki transforms Naty Chabanenko and Ranya Mordanova into femme fatales for Vogue Italia; bright eyeshadow, dark lips and loads of temporary ink turns the fresh faced duo into sultry barflies who look more than a little moody. Emma Summerton creates the world of blue-tinted darkness, but Kabuki adds a touch of the surreal with his creative use of cosmetics.

Image Credit | scans by blackangel41999 @ tFS

  1. I’m gonna pull a Steven Slater here and speak my mind; it feels dead and uninspired.

  2. Love this! Ranya is cute, but Naty looks like she could kick some real fashion arse here. She looks like a cross between Daria Werbowy and Linda Evangelista. Lovely!

  3. I thought that Ranya in the small pic was Chanel, I should have known better, 🙁 Does anyone think that Naty looks a little like Lily Donaldson in the first shot.

  4. Love it! I’ve missed Ranya..Guessing she’ll be lucrative this Fall/Winter – S/S show season. Naty’s cover face is out of this world. Mas Jolie!

  5. I desperately hope this translates into Ranya being used more often again. I really love her look, her face is just beautiful. Crossing my fingers!

  6. i also thought ranya looked asian here. i really like ranyas shots other than the cover, which i prefer naty in.

  7. Naty Chabanenko is SOOOOO underrated! Her facial structure is to die for, give that girl more work!

  8. I know artists borrow idea’s from other artists for inspiration. However, didn’t Steven Meisel already do this?

  9. Oh the drama. This spread is ravishing. What lovely ladies … empirically gorgeous! So dark and rebellious with that glam dramatic makeup.

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