Mario Sorrenti goes above and beyond for Vogue Italia, with a sensual set of images starring Abbey Lee Kershaw. The shadowy look of the pictures coupled with Jane How‘s revealing styling makes for a subtly sexy take on fall’s sheer trend. The story also manages to present Abbey Lee in a different light, taking the free-spirited bohemian and transforming her into a polished sophisticate.

Image Credit | blackangel41999 @ tFS

  1. Oh my Truman…I don’t know if I am more stunned by Madame Abbey or by you!

    She does look magnificent…..
    Such a strange being she is. Truly hitting her stride as of late and I love this sort of rehash and stylization of her Gucci F/W 11′ hairstyling. It reminds me of it atleast.

    Werk Abbey, werk.

  2. Oh my gosh! Shes naked!! I would have never expected that. (Sarcastic undertones?)

    But in all seriousness she’s gorgeous and more power to her for workin what she’s got. And she definitely has it.

  3. I thought it was Anna Selezneva when I saw it on the front page. Abbey looks amazing nonetheless.. very nice !

  4. Gorgeous girl, and I’m still so bored with her.. I think I find her maybe a little too pretty and bubbly, there’s no dark side, girls like Jac and Frida G have this dark side you see in their pics, no matter how incredibly gorgeous they look, and Abbey doesn’t have it, plus she looks so young for her age.

  5. one of my fav. gal! amazing body and such a unique beauty. Gucci really should keep using her 🙂

  6. She’s a beautiful girl- no doubt. But why does everything have to be naked? Does no one else realize what’s going on here? (here being the industry…) We’re taking little girls, not woman, little 14 year old girls, turning them prematurely into women & as soon as they are old enough taking their clothes off because it’s “art” or it’s “European.” What is is is child pornography.

  7. While I understand what you’re saying about underaged models being nude Miss B, but Abbey is 23 years old and if she feels comfortable being nude in an editorial then it is really her prerogative.

  8. I agree 100% with MissB’s comment about child porno images, plus I like Matimus’ saractic remark about Abbey being naked (once again) lol

  9. She’s a grown woman and she likes to get naked. People need to stop being prudish, she looks great! Nudity is a part of fashion – clothing is all about the body so why not show it off every now and again. I’m tired of boring, asexual editorials where the girls look like drones, I like seeing a little sex appeal and I think these pictures are very tastefully done. This is not some Terry Richardson garbage.

  10. I don’t think I am at all prudish Yancy. You’re right, she has a great body & looks beautiful naked. But isn’t fashion about clothing? When there was a little bit of nudity in editorials it was something different, but now, it’s more difficult to find a totally clothed editorial than it is one with nudity. Sex appeal that is accomplished without the obvious boob shot is much more artful in my humble opinion and takes a lot more talent.

  11. The second image reads: indulgence i.e mirroring the fur coat on her back. This isn’t distasteful – sexuality makes up a lot of who we are, for the most part; it is prudish to raise those views in reaction to these shots. I think that MissB is off the mark.

  12. a) she’s 23 year old.
    b) wtf is everyone’s issue with nudity? This is the source of the problem. If people just embraced the fact that we all have “private parts” and stop teaching our children that they should be ashamed of their bodies then this wouldn’t be an issue. The fact that you’re all making a big stink about this is so backwards.
    c) get over it.

  13. Does abbey’s boobs make people blind?
    She doesn’t make the pictures look great, that’s the amazing work of the photographer.
    Talk about him, not her.

  14. beautiful model and images here, we were born naked and some will die naked, nudity is a part of life and art, and fashion is art…pornography is defined as that which a community finds offensive, and there is little more offensive than attempting to censor freedom loving adults who create life and love and art and those who appreciate it

  15. While I find nudity in editorials very intriguing and eyecatching, I have to agree with MissB that every now and then, an editorial that consists of a fully clothed model that exudes sensuality is breathtaking. Abbey is beautiful. Many of her editorials are beautiful (and many do involve her sans-clothes). Often times, one can have too much of a good thing. When one finds something that fits, they tend to exploit it. I’d like to see more of Abbey with clothes. She has big boobs. For a girl so thin, that’s hard to come by. I fit the normal BMI range, but mine are significantly smaller, and I’m jealous. No, I don’t think she gained weight. I feel like she’s been thinner and thinner since she first started.

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