Grey’s Anatomy

Kristen McMenamy is having a moment. With her long grey locks sparking a trend of their own, a cover of Dazed and a whole Viktor and Rolf show dedicated to her allure, there is no question that Kristen is the super to beat this year. The icing on the cake comes in the form of August’s Vogue Italia cover; Steven Meisel explores Kristen’s otherworldly beauty with a picture that excites and intrigues – the black rocks, the mist, Kristen’s silver coif courtesy of Orlando Pita it all adds up to create an extraordinary image.

  1. This SHOULD be the cover of the September Vogue Italia, the only way to top this is with The Trinity , looking modern (as in current, 2010, not some faux 60’s,Avedon /Penn homage) on the cover of September’s VI.

  2. That hair, those lips, that NOSE! Love the diversity of the supers!! Back then, no one said you had to be blonde, super-thin with tiny noses and mouths. Kristen, rock on! Now if only La Linda would take a break from the mundane world of L’Oreal and shock us again.

  3. Finally! it seems to me that after some decades of delay, kristen has finally reached the TOP of the modelling industry. Not that she hasnt been there before, she did, but NOW it takes on another meaning. The younger crowds finally have a chance to meet one of the true legends of the fashion world, a woman whose passion/good looks/personality can defy the logic of beauty nowadays. She can go on FOREVER!

  4. The trinity can’t top this, Kristen is better than all of them put together.

    I love the fact that she’s not trying to look younger than she is, unlike other supermodels of the past (she DOESN’T look old, just of course not as young as she looked 20 years ago). Women who read these magazines can relate to her, unlike younger models who as amazing as they are (Karlie for example) don’t have the experience a girl like Kristen has. Always such a good poser, viva Kristen!!

  5. This looks fresh and alluring. Steven Meisel does it like no other. Although this pose could’ve been done by another model and still have this impact. She looks great, and again, applause to Mr. Meisel.

  6. I wonder what is the connection between this cover and Grey’ Anatomy.

    BTW the hair is sooooooo gorgeous!

  7. @ jake: she must keep her head like that. like a bird in oil spill. so that she could breathe… and survive!
    @ Phi: she’s in Ralph Lauren Collection.
    @ RL: Anatomy of GREAT GRAY HAIR.

  8. i doubt if another model doing the same pose could have as much impact as she does. credits go to both excellent photographer and amazing model.

  9. MissB, I can see the similarities with the hair but that’s where the comparison ends. And Kristen is the original, Gaga is the imitator.

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