1. She seems to have lost her love for modeling, she doesn’t give anything to her photos anymore.

  2. Beautiful, just like her Donna Karan fall 2010 campaign with Karlie, which you haven’t posted yet (like many other campaigns on tfs).

  3. There are over 64,989 members of tFS and they are all wonderful / I love them for posting campaigns on the regular. That said there is only one of me and if a campaign isn’t posted here yet that doesn’t mean that it wont ever show up in the future.

    Or maybe it was boring to begin with and I didn’t feel like talking about it. Either way.

    I’m a big fan of Anna, but that campaign didn’t do anything for me personally. It was pretty but not something that stood out for me in the way this story did, my favorite Donna ads are the gorgeous Mikael Jansson ones from ages ago with Amber and Jeremy Irons, now that was magic.

  4. dont bother Janelle i have seen the Donna Karan Camp pics of her save yourself sometime flat as well

  5. Oh i don’t blame you, but i will if you put her (or any model with a campaign under their belt) down in the rankings, due to the fact she doesn’t have a campaign (despite she has one or more).

  6. Oh my, how can you think to find whatever here? I mean, they can post whatever – same way the most gorgeous girl on earth (I’m thinking of a model, but I won’t say a name! haha) could date whoever, especially any cool guy: but I guess she will anyway have to choose someway… 🙂
    About this, I generally like Anna, this is well done, but doesn’t meet my personal tastes at all.


  7. I don’t handle Top 50 so I can’t really speak about that, but I will say that there is a logic behind the shifts and movements within the rankings. Girls move up and down, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can move down for a season and then come back next season with a kick ass set of bookings then reclaim your spot. Someone like Anna will always be in the top tier of models as far as I’m concerned. If her position on the list changes a bit that doesn’t mean she’s down for the count.

  8. I don’t think the pictures are that good. There are other beautiful models out there who don’t get a chance to prove themselves

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