Sugar & Spice

Has Steven Meisel gone soft on us? The master photographer is showing his sugary side with in the new campaigns for Juicy Couture and Mulberry. The overdose of bright colors, youthful energy and over the top girlishness may have some missing Meisel’s darker moments, but the carefree shots of Hanne, Abbey, Eliza and Daria are perfectly atuned to the lighthearted feel of both brands.

Eliza Cummings
, Hanne Gaby Odiele and Daria Strokous for Juicy Couture

Hanne Gaby Odiele and Abbey Lee Kershaw for Mulberry

  1. Eliza Cummings, Hanne Gaby Odiele and Daria Strokous do not scream Juicy Couture to me at all . Where’s Lisa Cant? Eliza Cummins probably doesn’t even know where she is .She looks like she’s trippin…

  2. the Mulberry ads remind me of old Franz Gertsch photos. very cool in a nostalgic kind of way. as for the juicy ad, i like the girls, but the photo is forgettable and dull. meisel is very smart, he knows what juicy is, he delivered an image that is suitable to the brand. forgettable and mediocre.

  3. Nah, I think the Juicy Couture pic is pure Meisel, looks like something he did a while ago.

    Mulberry is just boring, doesn’t look like Meisel at all.

  4. I love Hanne and her mischievous little grin in the Mulberry ad. As for Juicy Couture it just makes me miss the amazing Lisa Cant even more

  5. Hanne is really unique looking, like a Lara Stone who’s a tad more fresh minus the double D’s… and Abbey = Perfect.

    Abbey Lee Kershaw is by FAR my favourite model this decade, Helena Christensen for the 90’s 🙂

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