A Touch of Beige

Beige, beige, beige it seems like you can’t do an editorial this season without tapping into the taupe trend; Andreas Sjodin shoots Constance Jablonski in the best variants of the look. The understated pieces are perfect on Constance, but what we like most about this story are the way the looks are broken up by stylist Sabino Pantone, the mix of designers – Miu Miu with Michael Kors, Alaia with Jil Sander – makes the basic neutral clothes considerably more interesting.

  1. I LOVE CONSTANCE!!! her expression in this story is so cute and fun proving her versitility as a model…this girl can do hard editorial and then pull this beautiful fresh clean editorial out of the bag!

    Love the lighting too! Favourite studio story in a while!!!

  2. This is a retouchers dream. There is SOOOOOOOO much retouching done to her beautiful face!!! It’s a bit much.

  3. Amazing looks so fresh and confortable… She looks like a mix between Isabeli Fontana and Ana Beatriz Barros

  4. She is gorgeous!
    only problem is though.. her smile!
    i’m sure her smile with teeth is a lot prettier..

  5. I never realized Constance was such a good model. She has the complete package: she is a good model, she is gorgeous, intelligent and funny too! I like her!

  6. For some reason, i’m not sold on Constance being an Estee Lauder Girl. Somehow all the features are there, but something is lacking…..

  7. Constance is AMAZING, so great to have models like her. She should be a Vogue girl, what’s up with them??

  8. @ Ixca/Netto.. I thought the exact same thing.
    Very early 2000’s Isabeli.

    Though Constance does look stunning, aside from image #4, I can only see Madama Fontana.

  9. I think that smile is perfectly retro. She channels Farrah Fawcett SO hardcore in that first photo.

  10. Constance is up there with Ania Jagodzinska and Malgosia Bela. Sophistication, ease, grace, energy. A keeper

  11. a vaguely 70s vibe…kinda Klute, if Klute was a preppy. bouncy curls and lovely clothes.

  12. I agree with Joey the photoshop is wayyyyy too strong here! Plus I do not like Constance’s weird faces here but the clothes look good

  13. I may not be the most fashion-knowledgeable person out there but having grown up during the 1970’s those images just scream BELLBOTTOMS (please take that as a compliment as I remember the mid-late 1970’s on balance favorably).

  14. There is something about this shoot that makes me feel uncomfortable. The bellbottoms, the model’s weird smile and the retouching fiesta that the photographer did would explain it… Great lighting and styling though!

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