In the Shadows

Numero never fails to offer up something different and the August issue showcases the talents of photographer Viviane Sassen in an atypical editorial starring Samantha Gradoville. Using shadow and light to great effect, Sassen creates a surreal atmosphere and Belén Casadevalls colorful styling combines the best of the season’s knits with a pair of unbelievable over the knee boots by Chanel. With its raw outdoor shots and dreamy feel the story is a breath of fresh air and Samantha looks flawless even in the contorted poses.

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  1. What an editorial! Finally something different! This definately stands out to me. Love it.

  2. Cant believe the comments like; “Samantha looks great”, you can hardly see her! please!
    Anyway props for Viviane Sassen, she continuously produces work that is eyecatching, challenging and emotive which is not an easy job within the realms of fashion. Excellent work.

  3. I like the dark almost brooding feel of this, not many models can pull that off and still produce a beautiful photo. I’m impressed.

  4. love the first shot on the rock – she pulls off the “really, i’m truly comfortable lying across this lump of granite”

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