Elegantly Wasted

Samuel Francois brings his stylish touch to the pages of Numero with a moody story by Yelena Yemchuk. Using the frilly, floral and feminine pieces that dominated fall’s runways to expert effect, Francois creates a dreamy look that is perfectly attuned to the melancholy mood of Yemchuk’s pictures. Anna de Rijk‘s youthful yet mysterious persona only serves to add to the unusual feel of the images; Anna looks beautiful, but bored by her surroundings and with all the finery that surrounds her one can’t help but wonder why.

Image Credit | Elsaskywalker @ tFS

  1. Don’t know why, but I’ve never been completely convinced by Anna… and even of these shots, I just (kind of) like 3rd. She sometimes gives me the impression of feeling uncomfortable / without a really outstanding posing attitude…
    But I really love sooo much these shots – and general atmosphere of the editorial.

  2. I only like the 2nd photo – the 3rd looks particularly strange (the sunlight on her legs & the fact her head looks like it’s screwed on backwards).

    However I generally like Anna very much.

  3. I LOOOOOOVVVEEE ANNA. She is so incredible. I really don’t understand people saying that they don’t get her. Just because she isn’t super commercial and boring.

    She is one of the girls whose personalities shows through in her face.

    Love this shoot.

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  4. This shoot ..if it were not for the Robert Farber resemblance I would like it as it is. However the mood is somewhere between opulance and romantic. I like the model ok but this shoot should have rendered her poses more voyeristic (Faber) or spoiled rich bitch….

  5. What a wonderful blend of beauty, fashion and art! Great photo shoot with a great model! (The third photo is a little “cheesy” and could have been omitted without compromising the effectiveness or beauty of the shoot.

  6. The awkward, seemingly innocent yet sexual poses, the Lolita-like model, the dim, warm lighting, and especially the showing of her underwear in the third photo reminds me of the painter Balthus. This photo is reminiscent of the second photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jansmitz54/4255079268/in/photostream/

    I’ve never seen any of Anna’s work before, but whenever I see her runway or backstage photos in magazines and online, I would always look her up to identify her. The sites would always tell me it’s her. Her face is versatile for its ability to pull off a lot of looks very well.


  7. Exactly, if Anna would be ‘boring’, why would she get Gianfranco Ferré F/W 10, Sonia Rykiel F/W 10, Chanel Beauty F/W 10?
    She is really popular in the fashion world.

  8. I love this photo shoot and Anna who looks stunning I love this photo shoot because she has a look of mystery in her eyes yet she mananges to look like a sensual broken down doll at the same time, The 4th pic is absolutely stunning I love the pose shes doing with her hands. Love it!!

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