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If you love the work of David Sims, then you’re going to love August’s Vogue Paris; Sims’ sleek style gets 65 pages worth of editorial space within the issue. Carine Roitfeld styles the massive portfolio of fall looks from labels like Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen and the pictures don’t miss a beat. Sims mixes studio shots, location shots, color and black and white for an editorial that covers a great deal of designer territory; each brand gets an image that is uniquely theirs and each girl looks gorgeous in her pictures.

Crystal Renn

Daria Werbowy
Iselin Steiro
Joan Smalls
Isabeli Fontana

Freja Beha Erichsen

Frida Gustavsson

Aline Weber

Jac Jagaciak

Image Credit | Harumi and AngelLover @ TFS

  1. What, no Emma Balfour? That would have been neat. This looks so much better than his work for American Vogue.

  2. I like the whole idea of this editorial: one large ed with several models showing pieces of the big brands. But unfortunately they forgot BALENCIAGA!!! One of the best this season.
    Aline looks damn good, give the girl more work.
    Furthermore I like Jac, Freja and Iselin.

  3. Oh, in my previous post i forgot to mention i like Frida’s shots too. Unfortunately Jac has only one shot.
    I would love to see that MDC uploads the whole editorial just like last year with I&V.

  4. D-A-R-I-A!

    She looks so amazing..
    All she has to do is sit there just like that and it wreaks of Goddess. I’ve almost forgotten just how much I love her thighs. Some of the very best legs in the biz.
    Oh Daria..

    And my dearest Isabeli…If the Universe had an emblem..!

    With that said…Joan is certainly handling her biz and Freja’s smile is particularly refreshing on a dog day like today.

    And omg, (yes omg) I KNOW that Jac is not wearing a pair of 90’s jelly’s…holy moly!
    And remember when the ones with the glitter came out?! Bananas.

    Wonderful photography by Mr. Sims.
    Sort of a hallucinogenic composition the lot of them, especially the image of Jac.

  5. Joan’s head casts a weird shadow in the JPG like she’s running in front of a poster.. maybe that was intentional?

  6. my god just posted this on my blog i cannot be more excited for anything cant wait to buy vogue paris:]love everyone isabeli fontana wow joan smalls freja,and crystal renn cant go wrong not likking jac shes pretty boring but either way love david sims

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