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Select Model Management is having a moment. With the market cornered on cool London youth the agency lands 6 of the month’s most talked about covers. First Pixie Geldof lands front and center on the cover of Vogue Italia in perhaps the most inadvertently controversial cover so far this year, then Ash Stymest and Eliza Cummins double team for Dazed and Confused. Punk princess Alice Dellal adds her edge to i-D, sharing space with the ‘so hot right now’ Eliza and Daisy Lowe and the eternally iconic Stella Tennant. Last but certainly not least, who lands in said i-D but one of our favorite 80’s mannequins, Jeny Howarth, looking as legendary as ever.

Pixie Geldorf. Ph: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

Ash and Eliza. Ph: Mariano Vivanco, styled by Nicola Formichetti.Agency Link

Eliza Cummins. Ph: Solve Sundsbo, styled by Edward Enninful

Alice Dellal. Ph: Solve Sundsbo, styled by Edward Enninful

Daisy Lowe. Ph: Solve Sundsbo, styled by Edward Enninful

Stella Tennant. Ph: Solve Sundsbo, styled by Edward Enninful

Jeny Howarth.

  1. Well, Geldof’s daughter isn’t even a celeb. She’s this kind of person you have to google several times in order to remember the face… And there are also Jamie Bochert, Michael Pitt and Lydia Hearst in the VI ed. Still hoping for some models…

  2. shouldn’t Italian vogue learn a lesson from American vogue that placing wannabe’s on the cover doesn’t help sell magazines? This is the most disappointing cover of Italian vogue I have ever seen

  3. I consider all of this very negative…bring the beautiful people please…we are not living in such times fashion can afford freak looks!

  4. by the way me and a huge crowd are very disapointed with MR Meisel for having this girl on the VI cover this month and we were waiting to check this issue for 10 days…it is a miss of respect with all the VI fans!

  5. Many people would argue that Pixie Geldof, Alice Dellal, Daisy Lowe aren’t real models … If it wasn’t for Bob Geldof & Gavin Rossdale being their Fathers & in Alices case, her family being Billionaires then I really doubt they’d be taken on by Select … As for Stella, amazing! but at the same time being Aristocracy & the Grandaughter of a Duke & Duchess definitely helped her career.

  6. Teh Vogu Italia cover is indeed an unpleasant surprise. And is it just ht equality of the scan, or is the color scheme exactly the same as the Katrin Thormann cover?


    It is a very sad time indeed when boring, talentless, and aesthetically challenged pseudo-celebs are landing what was once an honorable and inspiring place in fashion history.
    We will be looking back to this moment and saying, “What the ____ was IT Vogue thinking!”
    I’m officially in mourning…

  8. Yes what was Vogue thinking! They should have put Daisy Lowe on the cover she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves, she is so different, stunning

  9. Yes, the Stella Tenant cover is perfect. It is also nice to see the incredible Susie Bick back. REAL models… with true talent. If non-models are getting covers, they have to be exceptional… that’s all.

  10. That Vogue Italia cover is terrible. My first thought was “wow that must have been a crappy shoot if THAT was the best picture that came out of it.”

  11. Well done Select your girls rock, Well done Edward Enninful and Steven Meisel who reconize great talent from Great Britain. Britan should be proud of the girls we produce.

  12. oh Joe
    There’s a BIG difference between Peaches and Pixie.
    Before you get you claws out, put your contacts in darling and at least aim for the correct target!

    Viva original, individual and interesting British girls.

    May the fashion industry continue to be diverse and creative and to avoid the dull and the obvious!

  13. nice that finally the british girls are rocking when weve been faced with dull clothes horses !! thats what we need an injection of character. guys stop taking yourselves so seriously- its depressing that you are so up your fashion arses! maybe you should log off line and get a life huh? fashion is about experimentation and redefinition its not about folowuing same old formula!!!

  14. British Girls have ALWAYS Rocked the Fashion World… but this is the saddest bunch I have ever seen.
    “Rock Royalty” is hardly a new concept or redefinition. Being famous just because you were born into it couldn’t be more boring and old skool.

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