1. I’ve seen the editorial she did and it’s fantastic! I’m so glad that Numero went for a different face rather than the usual high status/in demand girls.

    Not really a fan of the Burberry coat for the cover choice since it’s a cover for August.

  2. Emily is gorgeous, however I think Anthony is capable of SO MUCH MORE — especially when you are shooting Emily and have Numero behind you?

  3. I don’t particularly like the ‘knowing glance’ for a cover which clearly has strogner, and edgier (hate that word) influences. I also feel that yes, it’s great that she’s becoming high-fashion, but this particular look isn’t suited to her, I am not expecting, or even wanting, to see another super on another cover, just a model who is known for the stronger look. That being said, I would have loved to have seen the spread, as I feel it would have been divine, and I think she looks, as per usual, stunning, all I am saying is that is feels premature, and unnatural, the two components don’t work together for me sadly.

  4. They made her look too strong in this picture, plus that coat, ugh.. It could’ve been such a lovely cover with this beauty.

  5. I’m so happy that Anthony Maule was the one to shoot her for this Cover, she seems to be hovering in the sidelines just waiting for her ‘scene’ to begin in the show. Good on him for being the one to bring her out onto center stage this way.

  6. Emily can’t pull off this black and white darkish look. Freja needs to do this cover.

  7. that red lipstick is da bomb. love this saucy cover! with her features, you can’t gp wrong. lucious!!

  8. Her face is not strong enough to pull off the heavy coat look…..

    I agree, she got lost in it.

    A bit too big for her…

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