1. I like the hats (and usually I’m not a fan of hats). They make what would have otherwise been a boring Chanel outfit more special. And I love Tanga and her gap.

    But then again I tend to like just about everything Terry Tsiolis does. He’s the greatest!

  2. he needs a new point of view. these are like really boring David Sims photos. Give me the genuine article

  3. @ Lily: That was my first thought also. I’m very happy to see the 90’s models working again, but why do they have to airbrush them to look like teenagers? These are mature women that are probably more comfortable in their own skin than a younger model would.
    Let’s see their progression of character instead of this plasticized teenage look.

  4. Wow, this is beautiful! She was always one of my favorites, it’s so nice to have her back and doing all these Vogues again.

  5. Actually @lou , there is a huge smiling picture in this story, they just did not include it in this short edit of the story. Look at magazines sometime.

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