Cover Up

Steven Meisel serves up an elegant story with an impressive cast for Vogue; Christina Kruse, Sasha Pivovarova, Caroline Trentini, Daria Strokous and Mirte Maas, star in Meisel’s woodland fantasy and look impeccable in fall’s ornate and luxurious coats. The girls aren’t the only stars of the show though,  Marie-Amelie Sauve‘s skillful styling, makes the eclectic pieces look even better than they did on the runway.

Image Credit | Fashion Gone Rogue

  1. I love Meisel for still using his old favorites, like Christina. Really, no other photographer does that, they’ll shoot Linda E and Shalom and the other supermodels, but Christina wasn’t really a supermodel. He just does what he wants, how lovely to have such power in the industry.

  2. Christina was always my favourite, her appearances at the versace shows in the late 90s were exceptional.

    But she is a great example for a person, who completetly disapoints when you hear her talking.

    She gave an interview 2 or 4 years ago, where she literally blams the eastern european models for price dumpings (julia stegner did as well). She sad “now, the models are coming from poland, czech republik – wherever it is” and so on.

    Such a snobism and arrogance to other nationalities I have not expected from her. The world does not end in the West Europe, Christina – Every country in East Europe is as diverse as every countre in West Europe.
    Or are you just jealous?

    It is not “wherever they come from” – The eastern european models come from different countries and they deserve their succes, their money due to their looks and personality and not because they do whatever they can just to get the job.

    I would except from her a wide-open personality since she became internationally popular. In reverse I heard a very intolerant and narrow-minden person giving her opinions.

  3. Christina is absolutely wonderful. There is melancholy coupled with pride in her eyes. She also happens to be a great artist. Her still auto-portraits are exceptionally moving. Love her!

  4. Christina said that?? Shame on her and Julia, although of course it’s just bitterness and jealousy talking.. I wonder why though, they both have (had?) sensational careers.

  5. I’m surprised she should say that – as far as I know, one of her best friends in the industry is (was?) Kasia Pysiak from Poland

  6. The backdrop is amazing, the photos are breathtaking, I think a more feminie model in the first shot would have been jaw dropping, but honestly ‘she’ doesn’t make it jump off the page.

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