We know you’ve been waiting but fear not fashion fans, a new issue of V is right around the corner! For those who can’t stand the editorial suspense here is a little taste of what’s to come! Jean Francois Campos captures Chanel Iman looking energetic alongside Jessica Stam, Heidi Mount, Jourdan Dunn & Hanne Gaby Odiele. The upbeat editorial is sure to energize those looking for a strong dose of high fashion entertainment.

  1. Chanel Iman is a legen in the making. all she needs is to Focus, don’t become too much of a celebrity and continue building a body of work.

  2. i just dont like this girl.. and i dont get all that hype around her.. Now Jourdan and Sisllie Lopez are amazing!! true essense of colored models:)

  3. To Alex:

    I know what you mean…. Chanel Iman became a mini-celebrity (Tyra Banks as a mentor!)overnight. Her pre-mature works are eclipsed by her (much-deserve, in fairness) hype around her….to become a Great Supermodel, you need to built a body of work. For models this means “shut up, less talk, make fabulous pictures!”…….the more you become famous and people see you talk or act off cam, you lost that special enigma that makes you special.

  4. i agree alex and ambigous, great model..but the outspoken take on things can be a double edge sword. i admire jourdans drive. you hardly ever hear her speak..btw where can i find an interview of her?

  5. I seen the potential in this girl since day one and I’m so happy for her success. Keep up the great work Chanel!

  6. i mean im all for chanel iman and skinny models, but does anybody else find her waistline a little unnerving.. is this for real? did they photoshop that shit? i hope to god she doesn’t actually look like that…

  7. Love the idée of the picture colours are GREAT but unfortunately Coco face catches the eyes instead of Chanel who forces herself too much!

  8. black models are refered to as ‘coloureds’ now?.

    Chanel is doing very well for a girl that is mixture of different races and it shows strongely in her appearance. Her asian eyes and typically african features is what sets her apart from the rest. But when that gets photoshopped away like they’ve done here with her nose, it’s just plain sad that this industry will never accept the different types of beauty out there.

  9. Chanel Iman is soooo unique!!! Luv her body…..Chanel focus on modelling and not too much on being a celeb! Chanel has what it takes to become a Legend!

  10. in short……stay away from Tyra Banks! she’s a vampire that needs to feed on your virgin blood ha ha ha joke!!!

  11. get real …she is so smart. she moves perfectly and is getting the best work and becoming a star…5 years from now chanel will still be working and jd will be home

  12. This picture is so gorgeous. I am a obsessed with CHANEL IMAN. She is God in female form come down from heaven to bless fashion magazines!!!!

  13. WHOA!!!

    you’re right about the waistline.
    quite disturbing, as there’s no doubt it was pushed a little in photoshop.

    great model, though.

  14. I love Chanel’s great smile and energy. Her waistline looks unbelievable. My daughter Kelly worked with Chanel just last week on the Gossip Girl set and told me that Chanel is a very sweet girl.

  15. I agree, the smallness of her waist does not look healthy. It reminds me of a photo I saw in the Guinness Book of World Records for worlds smallest waist. And she even has a robe on! There must have been some photoshopping or weird angling going on here.

  16. I started out as a Chanel fan…and slowly im turning towards Ms Dunn, Ms Lopez, and Ms Holis…Chanel , Boo…please stay humble…as you know models and even supermodels dont last for long so before you start thinking that youre untouchable…step back and realize that one day youre in…and the next day youre out!
    – stay blessed,

  17. She may be pretty, but her waistline in this picture hurts my eyes. That is far from what I (along with millions of other) would call sexy.

  18. Other then contouring the nose (using darker foundation on the sides making it appear smaller; not photoshopping) I find this picture breathtaking!!! Makes me think of spring time or a festival, which is good because this winter is so drab.

  19. Once and for all (particularly for those of you who are confused) “colored” is not same as “women of color.” “Colored” is born out of racism, while “women or models of color” is acceptable.

  20. iwhen it comes to “coloured models” jourdan is my favorite!!!! i think shes much better than chanel iman, she takes the best pix and is very versataile, and she truely a black model, she the next naomi campbell, and i don;’t agree with the placment they put on her in the rankings, she deserves to be at least in the top 15 or 10, her covers are amazing and works with much better magazine clients, and plus i thinks she takes better pictures, although i adore this shot and chanel iman, and i think that i can notice her in any picture, photoshopped or not.

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