A Cut Above

There is nothing like a pleasant surprise and you can always count on Iris Strubegger to be chock full of the unexpected. Just when we had gotten used to her long dark locks she goes and chops them off into a versatile pixie cut. Long or short Iris is a true fashion chameleon, expect even more daring looks from this catwalk regular once show season kicks into full swing.

  1. Iris has one of the most daring faces right now. this is the model who pushes her work to the limit. too much love!

  2. OMG she is AMAZING! Short hair, long hair she is flawless! I am totally loving the short hair. The cut bring out her very androgynous features.

  3. This girl is an impact!!
    This “even edgyness” in a timeless, well bone structured face is absolute unique. One of the very best girls out there! Love u Austrian Iris!

  4. wow? so amizing but here is my tip smile and fill that you are facing your friend not the camera and it will make you perfect at all? hehehehe and let someone says what are you smiling for hehehehe?? 🙂

  5. in the large photo she looks a bit like Kristen McMenamy. and in the smaller photos she looks a bit like a cross between Kristen and a short haired Chandra North. i was never a big fan of Iris before. but since the crop, i’m seeing her in a whole new light. can’t wait to see her on the runways soon and in the edits and camps to come. bravo Iris!

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