Cool Britannia!

Modelizers, brace yourselves, i-D is hitting newsstands with not one, not two but 12 incredible covers dedicated to the best British models. By now we all know that Brit girls are among the coolest in the industry and each cover taps into the dynamic personality of its star. Legends like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Twiggy,  Stella Tennant, Susie Bick and Yasmin LeBon share space with au courant faves like Lily Donaldson, Agyness Deyn and Jourdan Dunn. The London It-girls are in full effect too with Alice Dellal, Daisy Lowe and newcomer Eliza Cummins (fresh from her turn in Dazed & Confused) all snagging covers. Long live the queens!

  1. ooooooooooooooh! Susie Bick! talk about a blast from the past. she was, and still is, bloody fabulous and almost horrifyingly gorgeous. i’ll definitely be tracking that cover down. and dito nik….where the bloody hell is karen elson?

  2. Stella!! Jourdan! Agyness & Lily!! Much love!

    Though agree with Nik, Where is Karen?

    Love Janelle’s posts!

  3. Karen Elson? Erin O’Connor? Kirsty Hume? Lily Cole? Sophie Dahl? Rosie Huntington Whiteley? … They should have had 18 covers!!

  4. Susie’s hair looks greasy, Daisy didn’t do very well and her cover isn’t JUST unprofessional. Eliza…well – amateurishly. Naomi…if there weren’t that Daisy’s cover…;]
    Stella – good, good, good:D Finally – Twiggy showed them all what this job is about. Some beauty simply can’t burnt out;)

  5. I think Daisy’s cover is amazing…. She’s a true beauty! The others are good to but they dont have what she does, she’s a rare kind of beauty.

  6. I agree with James, Daisy Lowe’s cover is one of the better ones ,she is stunning,she stands out in front of all the others

  7. I also love these weird covers!
    Think Alice’s,Twiggy’s,Daisy’s are far superior than the others
    Susie’s !!!!! No way

  8. Kate Moss has the best cover by a landslide. (And I’m not just saying that because she’s Kate Moss.) She manages to just look beautiful effortlessly (as usual) while everyone else is trying too hard in comparison. She also still manages to look VERY young in photos despite her age.

    Agyness however is looking old… real old. She is a great model but she is not aging gracefully…

  9. I would have liked to see Karen Elson .Personally I don’t like these covers . I-D managed to make Lily Donaldson look stupid , not the beauty she is . Jourdan’s cover is a bit of a miss also .
    Kate Moss’s cover is by far the best

  10. Agy & Eliza have the exact “attitude” which makes the difference between boring and entertaining…really like theses girls!!

  11. Wow the idea ot these covers is sensational not all are so great my money is on daisy lowe and kate moss they rock however time to move over kate

  12. SELECT has 4 ID covers! Wow-Select must be the best agency in London. I hear that Select have also booked about 6 new girls with Steven Meisel direct for W,Italian Vogue and campaigns.Select Rocks!!! (A Dazed double cover,I-d’s and Italian Vogue cover all this month-what other London agency has ever achieved this sort of star status!!-none!)

  13. focus, focus mikael…alek wek is not english, she’s sudanese and as for anyone suggesting rosie get a cover…?? hello she was lucky to get burberry-whats she done since?? love that new chick eliza- now theres a character!
    and stella still rocks!!

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