Bits & Bytes: Coco by Behati

Behati Prinsloo not only is one of fashion’s most beautiful faces, she’s an up and coming photographer. Here, she shoots the one and only Coco Rocha with her new husband, James. Take a look at the interview between the 2 close friends and more of Ms Prinsloo’s effervescent images of the happy couple.

PINUP GIRLS from V Magazine on Vimeo.

PINUP GIRLS from V Magazine on Vimeo.
V Magazine‘s Pinup Girls in video is summery, sexy and has Elvis Presley music. What could be better? If you’re still pining for soccer, check out their Footballers’ Wives video (with Eniko, Dree, Simon, etc) which is awesomely sexy and hilarious.

Modeling news:

Christy Turlington has parlayed a long and glamorous career into making a difference in the world. Read all about it here.

The new documentary on models promises to be epic!

Model Matthew Hitt shoots the men’s shows for T Magazine and captures all his friends.

Why does one model make it big when others don’t? May we suggest that mysterious x- factor plus personality and professionalism?

They can be 35 or 25 but the clothes need to be worn on intelligent, experienced women.” Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costa on why Lara Stone is Calvin Klein’s face.

Crystal Renn, shows why she is so awesome.

Speaking of Crystal RennCarine Roitfeld says: Don’t lose weight. You’re very beautiful just how you are.”

Who sees baby Nadja Auermann? At least in this picture. Codie Young, another Aussie face is about to make a big splash on the scene.

Fashion and miscellaneous:

Happy Birthday WWD! 100 years old is an amazing feat.

CFDA Fund Finalists: Joseph Altuzarra of Altuzarra, Christian Cota, Prabal Gurung, Robert Geller, Eddie Borgo, Oliver Helden and Paul Marlow of Loden Dager, Pamela Love of Pamela Love Jewelry, Moss Lipow, Gregory Parkinson and Billy Reid. Read all about it on WWD.

Stella McCartney’s mom, Linda, is the style icon for Summer 2010. Speaking of Stella, she is the creative director for the London Olympics. Fierce.

Want. This. iPad. Cover.

Youngsters, listen up.. Pierre Cardin was a genius. If you don’t know who he is, check out his new book now.

Famed Vogue photographer Arthur Elgort has passed on his love of photography. Daughter Sophie Elgort shot this editorial!

Check out Anna Dello Russo‘s favorite looks from couture.

The talented creative director Giovanni Russo died last week from his battle with cancer. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

  1. my girl!!!!!!!!!COCO ROCHA my favourite model forever!! I dont know whi she was on 8th on the 50 best models ranking and now she´s not!!Are they sayng that new models with 5, 6 or 7 works are on the ranking and coco that is doing great works is not there!!!

    PS:Love Behati Prinsloo …fresh new surprise!!

  2. Damn, Coco and James photo are like a scene snapped from an love romantic movie, they both look so nice;)

    and such inspiring article with Crystal Renn, she definitely knows herself well, no doubt that her career is such success.

  3. Yeah I dont understand why Coco was taken off your top 50 list last week. How can she have overnight gone from #8 to… #51 or higher?

    It just doenst make sense.

  4. i’m mad with took coco from #8 that silly she deserves that place there are more models that have less work than coco and they still in list….it just doenst make sense….i;m really mad

  5. actually i was surprised she was still on, she hasn’t been doing that much lately. and it’s not just coco that got removed, the top 10 is much better now, these are the girls booking the most high fashion campaigns, covers and editorials right now… it makes sense.

  6. Crystal & Coco are my favourite I got to work with each one in the last 10 days for the shoot of my fall catalogue They both define the moment : that sense of self , to be unique to celebrate your own style . Very inspiring makes you feel good to be different not to have to fit in with the norm or have the It bag or have the must have label …

  7. It’s respectable that Behati uses film in such a digital-base world. I do not mean to be offensive, but it is somewhat unfair that all one needs is a camera, and a supermodel best friend with a blog to have their photographs recognized instantaneously; meanwhile, countless hardworking photo students/individuals struggle to break into the ultra-competitive world of fashion photography – and use such high-fashion subjects – every day.

    Oh well. I guess that’s just how it goes.

  8. is anyone else COMPLETELY over and bored by the Coco rocha show? its so annoying. i am happy for her and all, but personally think its REALLY stupid to get married at 21, but she is the Queen of self promotion.

  9. Benjelee, wasn’t Coco actually “promoting” her good friend’s skills? And she did so on her personal blog. linked to it of their own choice, not hers.

    Every time a model speaks it could be considered “self promotion” I gues. But hey, if you dont want to from her, DONT READ.

    On a final note: Whats more stupid – getting married at 21 or acting like you know better than a total stranger whether or not THEY should marry?


  10. “IT GIRLS” of each year
    2005: Daria Werbowy year
    2006: Gemma Ward year
    2007: Agyness Deyn year
    2008: Coco Rocha year
    2009: Lara Stone year

    in other words theres always a change so coco cant be the best

  11. Wow. Can we see some real photographers please? Behati’s images look like a High School photo class assignment. OHHHHHH FILMMMMMM, who cares. What’s really sad is the amount of support and job opportunities she will get just from this being on Because when it comes to her actually getting a job she won’t have the experience to give them a good product. Stick to smiling for Vic Secret and let the professionals do their jobs.

  12. Coco looked super great in Vogue as a redhead, but then again, she looks great any way. Bring back Number 8, models com!

  13. Man there are some serious haters on here… Stop whining about happy people just having fun taking some pictures.

    Get off the computer and go have some yourself.

    They are just two girls.
    Chill out.

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